Where to Live?

July 6th, 2020

Where to live?

Figuring out places to live, schools to attend (even with the governments help) is really scary to do from half way around the world. I trust my gut and it’s harder to do when I’m not in person to feel it all and take it in.

We have a realtor over there in Malta that worked with our boss for their condo. Did I mention that we are not making this move to Malta alone? The boss of the company is going as well! Their realtor found us some really great villas so far. Don’t you just love the word VILLA? I get positively giddy when I say the word. Who lives in a villa anyway? Apparently, we will!

The realtor, Nadia is lovely. She goes to our top picks and videos from there all the nooks and crannies that you don’t see on the listing photos. We have officially signed the contract to our home for one year. We are renting a fully furnished home with a pool. There is a tangerine tree and a lemon tree outside the front door and three gardens in the back. The entire house has walls around or gates. The dogs can run anywhere outside, there is not fenced back yard the way we do it in the states. The house also comes with a kitty door, so our cat will be quite excited for that. The house also has a piano which takes off the list having to buy a keyboard to continue with our piano lessons. It’s not as close to my top choice of schools but it is close to my original top pick. We have not been accepted formally into any school but we are now on the wait list for five of them. One school, my new top choice, has done a video interview with us and the kids and sent a placement test for me to administer to my oldest who’s birthday falls in late summer. As of this moment, we are still waiting to hear where we can get in.

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