Well, All of our Stuff Arrived… OMG WAY TOO MUCH STUFF

I’ve been away from this blog for a week and when I show you the pictures, you’ll be able to understand why. Our giant truck pulled up on Monday of last week with all the things we thought we had to have. Hindsight is amazing. If I could have known exactly where we were going and what we really needed, I would have done a few things differently. Mainly, I would have brought all of our cleaning supplies, not brought our vacuum cleaner (it’s a Dyson but even with the plug exchange, it burned out after only two minutes). I would have not put all the extra clothes in the bottom of the wardrobe boxes and instead had them shipped in the giant Tupperware bins that they originally were in that sat in the closets. Being that we are now in a country that basically doesn’t have big Tupperware bins, or a Target, or Walmart or any other giant superstore…we really needed to have those bins.
It would have made that part of the unloading ridiculously simpler.

The truck arrives with 129 boxes of God knows what that we thought we had to have. I’m still actually shocked that a truck of that size actually made it through these tiny roads to our house. If you’ve read my blogs from the beginning, which occur starting from May onward and they go in order of oldest to newest, you might recall that we downsized our belongings by roughly half. We thought we really skimmed it down. I felt so validated and minimalistic only bringing what we really wanted to have. Since living here for a few weeks without those belongings, I can truly say outside of bathroom toiletries, make up and kitchen ware, the rest can just slowly crawl off into space and I don’t know if I would have noticed they were gone.

The way the guys unload is they have a clip board with all the numbers and each box is labeled with a number to match. They pull out the boxes which each has which room it came from as well as it’s delegated number. One man was in charge of crossing off each box while the other guys brought the boxes into each of the rooms assigned and put them on the ground. Here are the photos of both the clip board and the boxes in just one of the rooms:

Once all the boxes have been brought in and the truck is empty, they open every single box and just start pulling it all out and placing it anywhere it can fit. They don’t put it all away for you, although I have to admit that my guys did actually help me put the entire kitchen away. They said that was their first time doing that, and I was extremely grateful. Scott bought the crew a beautiful, big lunch and tipped them well. In Malta, people don’t generally tip. Workers at restaurants get paid a working wage therefore most people don’t tip. Cab drivers also don’t get tipped. And these guys were pleasantly surprised when we offered it up. Here is a photo of just crap on my bed before we started sorting.

Every surface, every counter, every couch and every bed was covered in stuff. STUFF has become a rather large nuisance to me. We have too much stuff. We are also heading to the furniture store this afternoon to buy several, pieces of shelving, storage units and more wardrobe units to accommodate all the stuff. And whatever spills over, we will find a church to donate to. Or our new swim instructor let me know there are also animal charities on the island and I’d really prefer to donate there and make new friends with other members of my tribe.

So..this week, I would love to say that I’ve been finding places for everything and cleaning up the place but the truth is, Scott is so much better at organizing that today things look so much figured out than when it was just me. I tend to mostly do circles in disbelief and practical sensory shutdown of where in the world will these things go? Once we do a big shopping spree at the furniture store and purchase real places for these things to find their homes in, I will feel much more at ease with having so much stuff around again. I’ve always been a person who clutters, friends know this about me, it’s just who I am. Usually though, it’s organized clutter. I know where everything is. Ever since we had to strip down to put our house on the market and keep the place looking spotless though, I got just a little bit better about wanting to keep that up. Plus, when you are renting someone else’s beautiful home, you don’t want to let them down. Monday is an American holiday (Labor Day) and Scott has the day free. That is the day he will finally get to see the beach. I will blog after that with beautiful photos for you to enjoy.

In the meantime…I will continue to circle in overwhelm and trying to figure out exactly where everything belongs. It’ll be another Keep or Toss from this side.

3 Thoughts to “Well, All of our Stuff Arrived… OMG WAY TOO MUCH STUFF”

  1. Adrienne Fishe

    One day at a time! It looks a mess and is erratic now but it will fall into place nicely in due time
    Just breath and enjoy the process! There’s no place like home!❤

  2. Elke Hawkins

    I totally FEEL your pain! Not having closets (!) … I don’t even want to imagine!
    After our last move, we wished we would have sold all furniture and stuff, and just started fresh with less.
    Remember to breathe and remember we’re cheering you on! ❤

  3. Jan Marcussen

    Remember how long it took you to get all the stuff sorted and packed? Figure it will take you at least that long to find places for it all in your new location. Take it one room at a time and one day at a time. . . and remember none of it is going to defrost or spoil! You can do it and all will be much better in a week or so.

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