We Have Finally Arrived in Malta!!!

August 5th, 2020

Since mid to late April we have begun the planning to make a move to Malta in August. Months of selling our house, our belongings, our cars and having to fight for passport renewals and all the stress of relocating the pets. Every conversation when it was just Scott and I alone at night began with something like “I can’t believe we are going to do this! Are we really doing this? Is this really going to happen?” Or in the case of me and my hypochondriac tendencies it really went a lot like this “Please God don’t let anything happen to us before we get a chance to get there!” Last night the sentence finally changed from will we do this to WE DID THIS. We did it! We are actually in Malta! Two plane rides, a mask on the entire way for all of us, a four hour layover in the Netherlands and finally we arrive in serious style to Malta.

As I’ve mentioned briefly, Scott was relocated here (by choice and by the grace of God and because his boss is literally magic in human form) to work with the Malta government doing cyber security stuff. His boss was already over here and they made the transition ridiculously glorious. They got all of the proper paper work for us to get through all the red tape to be allowed into the country. We actually were given a sheet of paper at the Netherlands airport saying that if we come from the US we are not permitted into Malta. Contrary to reports from inside the US, the outside world considers us now “a dirty country” with regard to Covid and they do not want us coming in. But we had the paper work saying that we were moving here at the request of the government and therefore, we are allowed through the borders. We had a car waiting for us on the tarmac and we went right to a special lounge where the boss and his wife were waiting. The driver waited in baggage claim to get all of our things and then drove us to our new home.

Because we do come from America, the deal is that we are on strict 14 day quarantine except to leave the house twice- both for a covid test; one within two days of arrival and the other with a ten day out test. I totally understand this logic. And giving us two weeks to stay inside might be miserable IF we were not living in the most idyllic, gorgeous, paradise of a house I have ever seen. The pool is incredible and the water is perfect. AND, unbeknownst to us, we can actually see the Mediterranean Sea from almost every view point of the house!!! Remember, we are renting this house. It basically feels like we are living in someone’s amazing home on a long vacation…but without an end date. It’s crazy. This actually is how the other half lives and I am not mad at it. If it weren’t actually me getting to do this, I’d be totally jealous. I also realize already in my short time being here that I need a serious upgrade on my wardrobe, but that comes later and after a lot more pool time.

Now, knowing that we will not be able to post about anything but the comings and goings of  what is from inside this house, the photos will only be focused around this for now. In two weeks though we will go serious sight seeing and I will take all of you along for the pleasure.

I have so much to say and there are so many thoughts running through my head, so I will go slow and start writing incrementally piece by piece. For today I will share that I do not know how to actually work anything. The plugs are totally different, the light switches are easy to miss and I spent more time than I would like to admit in the dark last night with my cell phone flash light  while hanging out with a child who was totally off her sleep. For today I will post four photos. The first is of the pool because that would just be mean not to include the place we’ve spent the majority of our time already. It’s the first full day and we have been swimming four times since yesterdays arrival. Seriously.

The next photo will be of the Sea from standing just beyond the pool. There is a huge view of the water from the deck of the house. I have not even been up on the roof yet, I will do that tomorrow maybe and take pictures. The next two photos are of something totally unique to Europe. The refrigerator and freezer are easy to miss, much smaller than American standards and totally adorable. They also require me to have a step stool since I can not reach the top shelf of the fridge at all.

This where the refrigerator and freezer live. It matches every cabinet in the kitchen. I would not even know to look there for it. The dishwasher is in keeping with this theme as well. I will open the fridge and freezer not for you to rummage through what we have in there, but to see the size.

As for the cat, she was a kitty loving rockstar- quiet, still, scared to pieces but wonderful. We also sedated her with Rescue Remedy (homeopathic) and something you put on the towel to calm them. She was stoned the whole way I do believe. She only hid while people were here last night. She came out right away and started snooping all over. She even went outside on the patio and I had to carry back inside because she was ready to cat around and I wanted to keep my eye on her.

The kids were fantastic on the flights and the full days of travel were as smooth as they possibly could be. Not very crowded in Atlanta at all, much more crowded in the Netherlands. All in all, the trip could not have gone smoother and the end result of landing at this reminds me of winning at the end of Candy Land at that awesome house at the top of the board. This house is positively stunning. I am pinching myself and thanking God and Trust Stamp (the company) for making this dream a reality.

Yesterday as I was looking around from the airport, I realized I have no intention of driving any time soon. The buildings are very pretty, it is very dry land, not a lot of greenery but it does exist and there are lots of palm trees. The other thing I felt was almost like my cells were literally vibrating as they came to life in high definition. I felt a sense of wonder, of calm, of inspiration and of sincere hope that this move will be the greatest blessing for all of us. I can feel the healthy living already beginning. The food is so different, the air is slightly salty but in the way that makes breathing more enjoyable. The water around makes my soul sing. I feel more at peace than I have in I can’t begin to say how long. For the next two weeks we will be enjoying our lockdown time as we process all that has occurred and the changes that are in constant flow around us. I feel safer here already in a lot of different ways. I won’t go into detail on that part in this blog, but I will soon enough when I’ve had more time to sit with these feelings.

There are so many things we will have to learn and get used to. Just about everything is done differently. But the constants live with me and that is the treasure in all of this. I am not out here trying to figure all this out by myself. Most of sentences start with “Scott, can you show me how to…?” His boss and wife will become dear friends much more than people that my husband works with and values so dearly. They will get to become mine, too. They will become ours and we will become theirs. We will lean on each other and show up for each other. So far, they have been so good to us and helped make this whole thing so smooth. But we will also be able to return the favors in different ways. Coming to a totally foreign land with people already there to help you integrate is splendid. I could not have dreamed up this scenario that we are finding ourselves in. While I take you all with me on this ride, please understand that I am not trying to be braggy, but to take you with me into a new life and fulfill so many of my own personal fantasies that I can only assume you all have somewhere inside you as well. I am bringing you into my life in a way that I haven’t even done through my books. So, come with me and let’s explore what life is like somewhere out there.

I will try to blog daily or every other day to share in the adventure. Remember again that in these two weeks, the adventure will be from inside our new home.
Until tomorrow….

18 Thoughts to “We Have Finally Arrived in Malta!!!”

  1. Adrienne Fishe

    Wow! Sooooo awesome for you, Scott and the girls to have this amazing experience! The girls will have the most educational opportunity at their young ages, so lucky! I too am looking at the possibiloty of relocating to another culture but in the Caribbean next year. Enjoy and relish every delicious and delightful meal! The foods in the Med are devine! I am soooo excited for you and will read your blog posts!

    1. Adrienne, you have been all over the world! I was hoping you would stop in at a Malta port and visit with us! Caribbean though is ideal too! Keep me posted on your adventures! You are still my favorite performer…FIERCE!!

  2. have no words to put here, because your words are pictures for me.

    1. Thank you Steve! What a wonderful thing to say!

  3. Tara

    This is so fascinating! Thank you so much for taking us along with you on this amazing journey. I’m so happy for you and you’re family. Such abundant blessings ♡

    1. Thank you, Tara! This is the most exciting adventure of my life! I am so happy to be able to share it!

  4. David Marvel

    How wonderful! I don’t like to read but I loved the entire update.
    I also Love the fact that you are an insider to a great adventure I can share with you. Love to you all! xoxo

    1. I love you David! I will continue to share on this amazing journey!

  5. Jan Marcussen

    Oh, Emily! I am so thrilled for the four of you. God has answered each and every one of my prayers for you in the most amazing way. Thank you so much for sharing. You make me cry as I read and understand your excitement. Savor it, drink it in, and give thanks to the God who loves you more than you can imagine.

    1. Thank you so much, Nana. You know you are so loved as well and I can’t wait for you to come out and stay here with us and visit! You will love it so much! I love you!

  6. Ethel Gainous

    Emily the way you describe things to us makes me be able to see them in my little old brain. I’m so happy for you and your family. Have loads of fun as I know you will. Love John & Ethel Gainous❤️😘

    1. Oh Mrs. Gainous I just adore you to pieces! Thank you for saying that! I will continue to keep you updated as I go!

  7. Jenny

    This is so amazing!! I’m so happy you are there and excited!! Yay!! Looking forward to your blog posts. It all looks gorgeous! Xoxo

    1. Thank you Jenny! I am so grateful for such a huge opportunity to explore life this way!

  8. Wendy Mercado

    Amazing! I am so happy for you Emily! Take it all in and explore this beautiful country and the neighboring ones when you can!

    Love ya,


    1. Thank you so much, Wendy! I plan to as soon as our two week lock down is over! I will post all the time and take you with me!

  9. Jennifer Mineo

    This is such an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

    1. Jennifer! I am pinching myself being here! It is surreal. Of course, I know nothing and have been no where but the house we are in, the pool and the view of the actual Sea is honestly everything I’ve dreamed of for years. It feels like home.

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