Valetta, the Capital of Malta and All it’s Glory


The Triton’s Fountain is at the beginning of the gates into the city. It consists of three bronze tritons holding a large basin. This is the landmark used for many things in Malta. It sets the stage into the city. It was designed under three or maybe even more governing bodies over the country. There is a great deal of history on Triton’s Fountain in the books. 

Valetta, Malta is the capital of the country. It’s like walking inside both a dream and a time warp. It is beyond beautiful and its rich history is evident in everything around you here. The old fashioned British phone booths are still here scattered throughout the cities. Driving on the left side of the road was a gift given to us from the Brits as well.

Everything in Malta is made of limestone. Therefore, the buildings are all a tan color. The only bright colors can be painted on the doors and windows of buildings and you can see such beautiful colorings on every turn.

St. Johns Cathedral is located right in the heart of Valetta and I hear it’s ornate and gorgeous inside. People have to pay to get in to see it. Today however, it was closed due to Covid. I am not sure when it will become open again. Just a street or two behind it was another large church, St. Dominics. There are a total of 365 Catholic churches between Valetta and Gozo, the other Maltese Island. There is also a tiny island between the two called Comino Island.

Here are some photos of the corners of the town. Every corner had some sort of amazing sculpture. So much history, so much truth here. The mosaic on the left is right outside someone’s door. It was too beautiful not to photograph.

Now I’m just going to post photos of the open squares that are centered all around. It’s like a grid map of the city and at the top and bottom of every long alley comes up on a wide open space. One direction the wide open space is the sea and at the top of the hills is a square of different cafes and sights.

Between all of the open spaces followed by wall to wall condos and apartments, there is another avenue down the stairs taking you right to the water. Here are some videos so you can really get what I’m talking about. The first video gets interrupted because apparently I walked right onto a movie set trying to get my pictures and views in. Thankfully, the crew that stopped me was so kind he walked me all the way through to another point of entry so that I could get my photos. I could not video it but we passed by a stunt man on his motorcycle with what looked like blood running down his face. Scott thought the stuntman looked a lot like Brad Pitt. I was so focused on not bothering anyone, I barely looked up. So, here is the only video I feel comfortable showing. Unfortunately the one of my walking down the stairs to the most glorious view did have some people on it that I don’t want to disrespect them after they were so kind to me to allow me to walk through. Maybe next time we visit Valetta, which I think will be quite often, I’ll get to take a clear video shot of it. I will plan on that.

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  1. Jan Marcussen

    Every picture you send is something more beautiful than the one before! What a marvelous way to appreciate art and sculpture and history.

    1. Thank you so much for following and leaving comments, it helps so much!
      Plus I love that you get to keep up with what we are up to over here!

  2. Clint Gharib

    Thanks – love seems my & learning about Malta, a place I’ve not yet been

    1. I’m so glad that you are enjoying these posts! I will try to post two a week!
      The weekends are when we really get out and explore and so far it’s been just amazing.

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