This one has lots of pictures…because who does not love pictures?!

When my mom and I drive around any neighborhood, we always wish we could look inside. It’s a thing we’ve done for years. Open houses used to be (and still is) something we jumped at. We were always curious what is inside. For that reason, and because the house is sold and we no longer own it, I will post some photos of some of the house that we sold here. It will be interesting to compare an American southern home with a Maltese villa. I will post all around the main floor of our old house including the girls room and playroom. There was a huge basement with a yoga room for me and a full master suite down there but posting more than the already several photos seemed a little bit too much.

Here is the house we just sold. Now we live at my moms until Tuesday when we climb aboard the aircraft to a new adventure. I will show some of my favorite rooms in the house, mostly for me to have as memories. The kitchen was my favorite:

Today we sold my minivan. That one hurt the most. So many wonderful memories were made in that car. At our last school it became a weekly tradition that several of the children hopped in my minivan and came to our house. I would make playdough with them and feed them dinner. The kitchen table that is my very favorite looks great in the pictures. It looks even more splendid in the photos I will keep to myself that was full of bright, shiny, children’s faces as every seat at the table was taken. The house we just sold was by far the loveliest home we’ve ever owned. It was hard to let go, but also weirdly easy at the same time. We weren’t really in the right place and we knew it. We met wonderful people there, but south of the city where it becomes even more deep south really isn’t the best place to plant seeds for the kind of open minded and accepting blooms that I wanted to nurture.

Scott had to go by our old house yesterday to pick up packages and mail that went there even though we did the change of address. He said when he pulled up, it didn’t feel like it was our house anymore. It was as if the energy had left. It was just pulling up to someone else’s house now. It was a good year there, and a deeply necessary one for our growth, understanding and ability to make a life and really gel our family and the love we have inside our walls as we close off to the outside world for a considerable length of time. This past year, including the lock down time, has gotten us ready to make such a huge move and not feel totally overwhelmed feeling alone and new in the town around us. I have learned that there are wonderful people everywhere. I have also confirmed that my most favorite people live inside my own home.

We are moving into a rather large, lovely villa in Malta but we are renting it. It is not our home to own. I’ve never lived in a home that was owned by someone else. It will be interesting to live in a place and still keep a distance between it being our home with a true sense of ownership and it being our home that we are borrowing from someone else. It feels in keeping with my new detachment of things. We are currently homeless and carless, but not without a home to stay in of course and we are renting a car to return to the airport. We are only homeless and carless in a financial kind of sense, and only for less than a week. It is such an interesting and somewhat liberating place to be. My mom has so many questions about when I will come back home, what I have planned or figured out in Malta. As I told her this morning, I have absolutely no idea what I’m walking into. I cannot make plans. I am wide open. It is the most beautiful and free feeling I might have ever experienced, being totally open to receive as it unfolds and presents itself to us. Never have I felt such a peace about stepping inside a wave of life and simply allowing myself to go with the flow of life instead of fighting against it as I have done so many times before. I have to face each day in increments. Today we sold my minivan. Tomorrow we see our dear friends possibly one last time before we go. Tuesday we pack up our suitcases, put our cat in the carrier, leave our other pets behind for 10 days and leave my mother’s house. From there, we fly into the Netherlands and have a 4 hour layover. Then we fly to Malta. We leave on Tuesday and arrive later in the day on Wednesday in our new home. Just for today…I will prepare to take my nap after we sold the car and continue to stay inside my pause as the countdown dwindles. It’s all we can do. I honor it. It is bliss.

Oh yeah, on a final note until we get there and really go picture crazy…we received this photo of our new pool at our new house from our friends that are already there. When I saw this simple little picture, it made it really easy to let go of all the other things. I am officially releasing the monkey bar so I can grab on with both hands and dive right in.
Need I say more than this????

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  1. Adrienne Fishe

    Beautiful home! I cannot wait to follow your adventures in Malta!!!!

    1. I can’t wait to be there and share!

  2. Christy Peek

    Wow 🤩 You guys are going to love swimming in that pool !! Gorgeous

    1. That is the pool at our very own house!!

  3. Elke Hawkins

    Always the gymnast! You are secure in your decision to “let go of the monkey bar” … Confident in grasping new life adventures in the presence of your loving Scott and your girls. Go with God’s blessings. We will miss you…at the same time we are happy for you! 😍

    1. Thank you, Elke for those wonderful words! I’m so happy to take this giant leap!

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