The Oracle Sound Chamber- Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum

I think the last time I posted on this blog was following Christmas, which was lovely. I didn’t post on New Years Eve but it was an incredibly splendid way to bring in the new year. I have fallen behind on posting blogs because I’m promoting my new book, Healing Ourselves Whole. The other reason is because behind the scenes I am writing a new book that I plan to pitch after the summer about moving here to Malta. It becomes a bit of a challenge posting on a blog and then writing in much greater depth and detail about what’s really going on. It’s hard to keep up and take you on the journey when I post so often on all my social sites: instagram and facebook both under My Malta Life. Instagram, I post the foods, the places. Facebook, I post more of places I’ve seen. It’s hard to spread it all out and say different things on the various platforms. I value this blog though and will continue to come back to it and update it not just for you, the readers, but for my children to one day look back and be reminded of their journey to a new land.

Ok…let’s go into the Hypogeum the best we can here 🙂

It was just before Valentines Day and Malta Heritage offered 50% discounts to the Hypogeum; otherwise known as the Oracle Sound Chamber. This has been on my list since first hearing about coming to Malta. The hypogeum did not disappoint. The experience going through it however did. That is my own fault. Don Miquel Ruiz says in the Four Agreements not to make assumptions, and that is exactly what I did.

Because I have heard that the sound waves within a particular chamber are so powerful that they can actually destroy cancer cells among other things and that people travel from all over the world to experience this healing, I made the assumption that I was going to get to sit inside that chamber and simply be still and meditate and tune in and find out if I could hear anything within the echo’s of the walls. I had this picture of great healing, whether we had any of those cells to kill or not, just simply a mega blast into healing. I thought I would get to go sit inside and just be still. That is not actually what goes down in there. You are in a group, always. And you are given a little sound device to hold up to your ear and listen as they take you through and tell you the history as well as provide a very cool soundtrack when they are not speaking. All of this was interesting of course, but it never stopped and we were never able to go into the actual chambers. We all stood on this metal walkway and through that walkway we could go up and down the stairs and view the different chamber rooms by looking out onto the different places. We were never able to step onto the floors themselves or into the rooms themselves. I was not able to take any photos because you empty your purse and pockets into a locker before you are allowed to enter. That being said, I did take a few of the post cards to show you the rooms.

This hypogeum was discovered under three homes that had been built on top of it. Something happened, I can’t remember if they shared those details that led to a hole in one of the floors and that is when they discovered this ancient underground temple. There are said to have more than 7,000 bodies buried in the hypogeum. Talk about living on top of an ancient burial ground! Holy smokes! You could actually see small white pieces of bone in the stone itself. They had one skull in a glass case at the start of the tour. On the ceilings of many of the chambers were red squiggly lines and symbols. They said they couldn’t know for sure if the red was painted with blood or another word I’d never heard before. To preserve the red symbols they only allow small amounts of carbon dioxide inside at a time and that is why tours are kept to a minimum of people and that the people are not permitted inside the actual rooms themselves.

Looking at these photos, can you even imagine living in a home that was built on top of all of this? How crazy is that to think that an entire underground temple with several healing chambers and sacred symbols were shared within these walls. Now they just found another underground city close to here in Valetta. That will definitely

be a place we check out and I will post it too.


Interestingly, the hypogeum is located on a side street south of the capital of Valetta and it is so obscure you could easily miss it. Here is a photo of the wall where the hypogeum is. It’s the middle flat part of the street on the left. Then you walk around to the front of the building where you can walk inside. All in all, I am so glad I got to go there. I wish I could go and sit there in silence and just feel it all and maybe one day I will get such an opportunity. But for today, this experience was a nice big check off my list of things I want to do and see in beautiful and historic Malta. The hypogeum dates back to before Christ. It’s not the only building or location here that does. It’s pretty amazing, Malta.


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  1. Jan Marcussen

    This reminds me of the catacombs I visited in Rome where the Christians were hiding from the Romans. Europeans certainly do reverence and protect their history much better than Americans do. I am glad you had this experience and that you shared it with us.

    1. It is amazing how well they have protected their sacred spaces and their stories. Everyone here seems to be very rich in their history.

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