The Difference Between Being Creatively Brave and Real Life Bold Moves Brave

August 12, 2020

Every big dream realized, every book, every movie, every song written…they all started out with taking a chance. Taking a risk of some kind and being brave with your ideas and dreams. It starts out as an idea, a small little whisper that we find ourselves coming back to over and over. To write a book, a song, a screenplay or anything like it means that you listened to that little voice and you decided at some point to act on it. You took your idea out on the dance floor and tried to see if you could actually dance with it. You test it out and find out if the idea has some real deal gas to it. This has happened to me ever since I started writing books. Something called to me that needed me to work with it. Then it begins to bubble up inside my mind and I can’t get away from it once it attaches itself into me. Next, we hunker down and get busy throwing down as much information and inspiration as we can hear and feel. Then, in my process, I have to create an actual escape route from me  into the world. Having the ideas is one thing,  and starting to write is one thing. Finishing it out and seeing it all the way through is something else entirely. To hear the calling requires an internal sense of awareness, of listening, of confidence in what you are feeling called to do. To write it or create it, requires you to stop just listening and instead get moving with it. Get those hands working and don’t stop until it becomes something you can work with and mold into something tangible. That process could take weeks to months to years and it will ask you to never give up on it; no matter what changes come to you in your life. It asks you to stay.

So many people drop it in this phase. Life takes turns and we become interested in other things and that original idea gets lost in the shuffle. We’ve all done that. But, there are those precious few ideas and people willing to work with those ideas that will create something that can be shared. A true manifesting of the expressions that circulated and formulated from your heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears and boldness. That feeling is beyond words. You know it-I hope. If you’ve started a business, or created anything that you knew was going to be almost impossible to do. Hopefully somewhere in your life, you have heard whatever call it was and acted on it. I believe that is what makes us come alive and really begin to live our lives according to purpose.

I feel like all those years of book writing and putting myself out there helped me to build something inside myself that resembles something like being bold, being brave and having just enough gumption to believe in myself and my ability to figure it out and make it happen. But then I also used my book writing as my safe space to retreat into. It wasn’t always an act of courage. It became an act of grace. It became a building of a place that only I could enter and work from. We all need our safe spaces and for the last 15 years, writing books has been mine. This braveness that I’m referring to doesn’t always have to come in the form of something, but it does always result in the creation of something.

Another Kind of Brave and the Real Reason Why I Am So Open to This Change

A few year ago, there was talk of moving to the Grand Caymans to expand the company. I jumped all over it and took it upon myself to believe that 100% this was happening (even though my husband kept trying to slow me down and stop running around town with my wedding dress on. That was advice my friend gave me a long time ago about showing up for first dates with my wedding dress on. Now we use it to otherwise say ‘slow your roll’). We sold our beach condo, we sold our house and moved in with my mother so that we could be freed up and ready to leave when the opportunity opened up. I lived in daydreams and fantasies and watched HGTV Caribbean Life every minute that I was near the TV. And honestly, even though it didn’t pan out and we did not end up going, those fantasies kept me going for a long, long time. Sometime those creations don’t turn into books or movies or fairy tales, but they do what they were designed to do and that was to provide a happy place where my thoughts could go. Those serve a purpose too. Not everything you attempt will be a winner. They all have their purpose though. I wanted so badly to live life in a bolder way. I wanted to expose my children to different cultures and ways of life. I wanted to live where it was warm year-round. And above all, I wanted more than I can possibly say, to live in a place where I felt like the food was there to nourish us and not to create disease within us. For me GMO foods do exactly that. They cause illness and on purpose and I’ve hated them and everything that they stand for. I even wanted to go to Cuba if I could because they supposedly have the purest food and soil because no country (the US specifically since they are who create and manufacture GMO foods/Monsanto) got inside and tainted their soil and food supplies.

When Malta came up on the radar, the first thing I did was googled to see if they are a GMO free country or not. It turns out they were one of the first countries to deny Monsanto and GMO foods. Now over 60 European countries are GMO free. I’m only a few days in over here, but the food is totally different. All produce goes bad in just 2-3 days because they are not sprayed with chemicals. You have to shop for food on basically a daily basis. Even the same foods that we are used to don’t taste quite the same as they do over here. Here they tend to be more nutrient rich and dense. There are ingredients that are used freely in the US that are banned over here, not just in our foods and not GMO ingredients. Does anyone remember the big lawsuit on Johnson & Johnson because there was an ingredient used in all of the baby products in the US that was considered basically poisonous and banned in Europe and they tried to get the US district of Johnson & Johnson to remove that ingredient since clearly they knew how to manufacture without it and they did not remove it for two years after people found out? From Time magazine: “We discovered two chemicals that have been linked to cancer, formaldehyde and 1,4 dioxane, in dozens of leading baby shampoos and bath products. People were shocked. Two years later, after we reported that Johnson & Johnson was selling formaldehyde-free versions of their baby products in Europe and other countries, the company announced they would reformulate their products worldwide to remove the ingredient and others of concern”. The article goes on to state: “In Europe, you won’t find talc in many baby powders, the skin-lightening ingredient hydroquinone in skin creams, lead acetate in hair dye, or many other toxic substances because they are banned from personal care products. Here, you can find those substances in personal care products, with no health warnings.” To read the article in full.

That is the kind of thing that, as a mother, I’ve kept up with and have been absolutely disgusted by. Why would you insist to keep an ingredient that you know causes a baby damage and that you already know how to make somewhere else but for whatever reason you say “nah, I prefer to poison our most vulnerable and precious children.” This has been my driving force behind begging God and my husband to create an avenue for our family to get to live in a healthier place. It is for this exact deal that I feel such a calling to be someplace else that supports the health and well-being of my family. I never used Johnson & Johnson products on my children because I learned in pediatric massage therapy not to. The teacher actually began the class with these words: “Let me begin by saying that Johnson & Johnson is the Devil.” That was a stern enough warning for me. But then we had our baby and what was the only product offered in the hospital for the baby? For their very first bath and for what they send you home with? What do the hospitals promote only? You guessed it.

So here’s the deal: I do feel braver than I ever have in moving across the world sight unseen and during this time in history. But I am able to stay really focused on the goal, which was and will remain, raising my children in the most supportive and healthiest place possible. And where we just came from never felt that way. For me, this is so much more than a fun experience and a wild vacation. It’s a new life. It’s an offering for our wellness and to experience life in a unique and really supported way. This doesn’t feel like some big creation except for how it all lined up and played out to get us here. This feels to me like a gift from God. This feels like an extension of life. The purpose and the meaning of being here means so much more to me than I can truly explain. It somehow feels more like a calling. I am being called to be brave, because I’m usually fairly resistant to change and to leaving the rest of my family and my comfort zones, but it’s so much bigger than that and so I can’t dwell for long in that space.

This kind of brave doesn’t feel like the brave I was tasked with in creating and writing books. That is something so different than what it takes to be balanced and level in this new space. While parts of it can be stressful, my bigger picture remains intact. That is what I’m working with in being here in such a new space. I am more open than I ever have been. That is the thrill of it all to me. Malta was not on my wish list because I don’t actually know if I ever thought it was a real place. It was on my soap opera many years ago, but you never know if places like that actually exist. Now that I am here though and have done so much research on Malta, it was exactly what I have been hoping for and deeply praying for. Sometimes God doesn’t give you what you think you want because he knows world geography better than you do.

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  1. Jan Marcussen

    I agree with you. Sometimes God doesn’t give you what you want because He knows what is best for you and His best is so much more than we can imagine or conceive!

    1. God knew just what he was doing with this one. It’s amazing here. I am so SO thankful!

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