Sitting in the Pause

July 16, 2020 The Pause

I’m sitting in the pause. I can’t describe it better than that. I am currently in a pause and I’m sitting firmly inside it. We closed on our house, we are currently in my moms house. My new friend J at the state reps office made it so that my passport will magically come out of the lock box of no mans land into my hands by Monday night. Then we wait until it’s time to get on the plane. It’s a hurry up and wait time and right now it simply feels like we are on pause. I don’t really have time to fully decompress, but I can at least sit still in my paused space.

I just found out we need to all get a covid test before we go. The freak out I am having about this is huge. I can’t do the flu swab and now I’m going to let someone with a 6 inch swab go past the nasal cavity into the grey matter of my brain while they twist and turn it for a minimum of 15 seconds…are you kidding me? I would gladly offer up any bodily fluid from anywhere else in my body (except my ears if they had to 6 inches in) and let them have it to test.

This new news makes my pause less lovely. Instead, I am sitting in a pause with anticipatory anxiety of the inevitable. And just when I realize it’s the cruelest way to test, I will then find out that I have to do it again in the Netherlands at the lay over. We are no longer flying into Rome because that flight was cancelled. We are now flying into the Netherlands with a 5 hour layover instead of 7. Hidden blessings and treasures abound.

In Europe they are testing everyone at the airport from what I hear. I’m willing to do it in order to get over to Malta, but I will certainly bitch and complain about it the entire way. This might be up there with the crap you must drink before a colonoscopy. That was torture. This comes right up there with it. That is a very sad comparison. Only a certain few will know what I’m talking about. For you younger ones…you just wait. It is so gnarly.

And in the Pause…My passport came early and I got it today. The relief is palpable.

4 Thoughts to “Sitting in the Pause”

  1. Michele Brandeburg

    Glad your passport came!!

    1. OMG ME TOO!!! That was incredibly stressful. I have emailed the state rep to compliment his assistant for her amazing work. She rocked it. she even said to me “now let’s get you situated so you can go and live out my dream!”

  2. Jan Marcussen

    Great to know that you got your passport! Happy you have set up the blog so we can keep up with all your exciting adventures!

    1. Yes! I will be a wild writer once we actually get over there! For now, it’s all just trying to get to the airplane!

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