Seriously The Drama NEVER Ends -Mama Needs a Cocktail

July 20, 2020

It absolutely never ends with the drama!

Just when you think you have it all scheduled and figured out, the pet shipper calls to tell you that they did not book the pets flight in time and now the earliest available is two weeks after we are all set to fly!!! What in the actual hell is happening here? We have had to have specific vet appointments in exact time frames according to our flights. We even had a phone call on speaker with our pet courier and the vet all at the same time confirming what dates to set according to the flight date! We did not even realize that the flights had not been set. Now we find out nothing is available for them until the 17th and after selling us on Lufthansa being the safest and best way to transport pets, they are now looking to flights we’ve never even heard of. Do we not realize as if I have not said it enough that my biggest fear is that any of our pets will die while on these flights and now you make those chances how much greater? Needless to say, there were words with the company. Tomorrow we find out what they come back with. What airlines might be an option or what they can or cannot do in this case. Seriously…Richard Branson why are we not friends? Can’t you just come pick us up on your plane and get us all over there with our sweet pets?

I will update everyone tomorrow with what they say. I am flipping out.
We can not board our babies for two weeks. They’ve never been boarded except for Heidi once and she did not speak to us for weeks. The trauma that this would cause them and then put them on a flight? While we were out today buying Rescue Remedy for Pets to help them calm…Mama needs a cocktail. God I wish I had not blown out my body back in the college days. My body hates alcohol. Anyone who is reading this who went to college with me or partied with me until I turned 25 when I stopped drinking would likely be very surprised to hear that. I almost never drink and if I do, I can’t even finish a drink and I pay for it for days. My body hates it. But dang…Mama still really needs a cocktail. Ok…ice cream it is.

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