One More Sleep Until Malta

August 3rd, 2020

One more sleep until Malta
I can hardly contain.
We are tying up loose ends
So we can get on that plane.

We are packing for children
and animals too.
I’d love to turn this into a whole big poem
But I haven’t got time for you…

That’s it. That’s all I got. We leave tomorrow for Malta. We’ve been on the countdown since May. We have sold our belongings, our home, our cars and at least half of our closets. We have lived at my mother’s for weeks. We came with suitcases packed and ready to bring with us on the plane. In these weeks, we’ve somehow bought a whole bunch of extra things and had to get an additional suitcase. I’m now losing my mind trying to make sure it all fits. The cat will be with us tomorrow. The dogs are stuck here for 10 more days. It’s not the end of the world, I just really wish they were leaving as scheduled. As long as we all arrive alive, and healthy, all is well and I can’t ask for much more.

We are flying in the middle of a pandemic. We will wear shields and masks on the plane, hopefully being able to remove the masks and allow the shields to be enough on the actual flight. In the airports, it’s masks and I am not one to fight it. Our covid tests were negative and I intend to do all I can to keep it that way.

We are spending the day getting all the paper work sent out, checked and double checked and triple checked. Everyone is on edge today. We know it’s finally here and even though it’s tremendously exciting, it is also really scary. Good scary…but scary. Yesterday we visited our closest friends. Ava bawled her eyes out on the way home. It’s finally hitting us all that we can’t just visit our friends and family the way we have done this year. Social media makes it so much easier to stay in touch and to still see everyone, just not in person. No one is doing much of that right now anyway. That doesn’t really feel the same way for the children though, of course. I’m just trying to be present to each day and take each hurdle as they come. I have spent months pushing to get my passport, to get the pets taken care of, to turn our cat into an emotional support animal in order to keep her with us. I have pushed and pushed every which way and now I just want to rest. I want to rest and digest all that has occurred and prepare myself for a world ahead of which I know absolutely nothing about. That feels so much more liberating than it ever would be at any other point of my life. I am so ready to embrace an entirely new way of life. I can’t wait to see what it will offer to us. 75-80 degrees year-round I can already guarantee will improve my mood. I love the sunshine. I am so much happier in spring and summer. It makes you want to get out and be out and enjoy nature more. I am so excited for this.

I will be on pins and needles until my dogs arrive safely. From the moment I found out that Malta was a go, I have anticipated getting on that plane, doing that long trip, layovers for hours and getting into our new country. This is the part I’ve stressed over the most and it’s almost here. I am so ready to get it done. I can’t imagine sleeping tonight. Last night here, and on Tuesday night we will be sleeping on the plane. We will leave Tuesday and arrive in Malta mid to late day Wednesday. Malta is six hours ahead of where I am right now in the US Eastern Time. So, my videos will be coming through rather late. Be looking though, because I intend to take all of you with us as we go.

6 Thoughts to “One More Sleep Until Malta”

  1. Just reading this I get butterflies in my tummy!!! Good butterflies!!! I’m so so so excited for you and the fam! I love you all and appreciate your moments of simply smelling the roses…even if you fear the chance of the bee within!! 🍀

    1. There are lots and lots of bees here, but I love them! And I love you!

  2. Barbara Genner

    Looking forward to you guys being here adapting to a new life in an other country can be fun as long as you keep an open mind, a all new world to discover

    1. I will keep an open mind and look to you to help me navigate!!

  3. Vicky Day

    Safe travels all. We love you and are so excited for this new adventure.

    1. Thank you so much, Vicky! I have a feeling that at some point I will get a little visitor and I can’t wait until she can get over here! I love you all so much and am forever grateful for all of your support and blessings!

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