Oh Jimmy…You Did it!

July 27, 2020

Hello…meet Sophie our emotional support kitty. She will make this flight so much calmer for my children and for me. Our doctor was fine to send a note and confirm the need for her to be on board with the children and the second leg that doesn’t take into account anything like that had no problem booking her onto the flight since they didn’t have any previous animals on board. So…once I get all the paper work turned in and confirmed, we are a go with the cat in tow. I cannot begin to explain my relief on this. Flying the cat, who is our oldest pet and most fragile has been an extreme source of stress for me. Having her with us and under our seat will provide so much relief and comfort to me and the children. I am so grateful that I did not give up.

Everything about this move has been a lesson in not giving up. The passport was just as stressful and required me to keep calling until I found someone to help. The dogs are now set to fly out on the 12th and arrive on the 13th. The pet courier will be in charge of their final vet visit since we will already be in Malta. It has been so stressful and I will feel so relieved once we are all there alive and safe. I don’t feel like I will be able to fully take a breath in and out all the way until I have all of my babies together with me under one roof safely across the sea.

We now have one week until we take off. I think these posts will become a lot more fun once I have fabulous pictures and videos to post of our arrival, the surroundings and the food! I’m hoping to video the moment the dogs arrive. For now, it’s all about the preparations. Tying up lots of loose ends and making sure I do everything I have to that needs to be completed while we are still local.

Although I will miss all of our dear friends and family, I can’t really afford to dwell on that because I am trying really hard to keep very present and focused on each step toward that plane. This is a huge leap of faith for all of us and it is up to me and Scott to keep this family in a positive space of excitement for all the changes coming our way. The truth is, I’m going in like a sponge without a lot of expectations. I don’t know what to expect other than cleaner air, temperatures around 75-80 year round and food that isn’t laced with poison. That alone is enough for me to not worry myself with too much else. I won’t know anything about it until I actually get there and that is exciting to me.

I have found myself waking up in panics in the late night hours at the idea of leaving my mother behind. These weeks with her have been some of the nicest. I love her relationship with the girls and that part is really hard to take away. I’m hoping mom comes to stay for at least a few months at each visit. Hopefully she will want to come over the Christmas holiday.

I’m part of an Expats group for Malta on facebook. They have started paddle board lessons, even with yoga on the paddle board. They have trapeze yoga and tai chi classes nearby. I’m so excited to see what is out there and how I will get involved. For a long time I have been so wrapped up in recovering my child, raising young children (not that they are not young still but no longer babies and toddlers), and writing my books that I really left my personal practices to the back burner. I am hoping to get a little bit more balanced over there between the practices of the mind and the ones that come from the body. I’m excited that the island is small and things are not so spread out and traffic isn’t a complete nightmare like it is in Atlanta. Of course, when we first arrive it will be a strict 14 day quarantine and I am so on board with that. That gives us time to wait for the dogs and then have everyone together and we can finally begin to decompress after so many months of preparation and releasing almost everything we own.

We sold Scotts truck this past weekend. My minivan is up next. They drive very small cars over there as the roads are very narrow and you have to parallel park everywhere you go. Who knows what I’ll get. From what I’m hearing, it is a real shocker to drive out there, not just because the steering wheel will be on the other side of the car and we’ll be driving on the opposite side of the road that we are used to, but because driving out there is a little bit nuts. I’ve been told that the traffic signs and signals are merely a suggestion to the locals and that police love to ticket tourists so to be on my best behavior on the roads. I can only say I am not in any hurry to begin driving. I want to walk around and take the bus. It’s like a $3 bus ride to tour the whole city. In just a matter of days I will be able to confirm such rumors.

The count down is officially on. Tuesday of next week we will be boarding the plane, with our cat joining the party in carry on. There are not enough words for my deep relief and gratitude for this.

Of course tomorrow is another challenge…taking the Covid test. Please please let us all test negative. I’m so weary about the tests accuracy and having all four of us test, what are the chances they all come back negative? I do not know. I’m terrified of the actual test itself…and the whole touching my brain idea and I’m scared of the results. We are all asymptomatic but I do know people who have tested positive and had minimal symptoms and others who are sicker than they ever have been and tested negative for it. And what happens you ask if one or all should test positive? Well, that is something I will not actually know the answer to unless it happens.

Doesn’t seem like every day is a “keep your fingers crossed and your prayers up” kind of day? It sure does to me…

Onward and upward we go (an apparently that means way WAY up the nose)

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  1. Cheryl Speen

    And keep that Jimmy Buffett thought. We all know what we think about, we bring about. And you my dear have brought about this far an incredible journey and new life for your family. Sweet sweet blessings

    1. Thank you beautiful Cheryl! I adore you so much! Come see me out in Malta! There is always a standing invitation for you!

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