No Word on Resolution on Pets but Some Tidbits From my Upcoming Book

July 22, 2020

Well the pet situation is still being sorted out. The pet shippers are working like crazy trying to find alternate arrangements. The two options at this point are that they book them on another airline sooner or they will have to board the pets for the two week lag time. My animals will already be traumatized by the flying, but I am slowly getting used to the fact that we are in a pandemic and I don’t have nearly the say so that I would have at another time in history. So, there’s that.

As for me, I will be going into the studio tomorrow to record all of my meditations with the producer for my upcoming book Healing Ourselves Whole. It’s a book based on the somatic emotion chart I created based on my years of hands on work and how the body stores emotions. It’s much simpler than the way that the mind stores experiences and we do the deep dive into our bodies tissue memories to help learn to heal ourselves by way of the body. It has journal entries in each chapter as well as meditation work which will be available on audio and written as well. I am really excited about this new book. It is the work that no one can do with you or for you. It’s the stuff we have to do alone and I don’t feel like too many people have adequately taught about learning to work with your own body for release.  For me, I believe this this will be the last in my trilogy of body healing books. I want to do everything I can with it and then I want to totally focus on my new life in Malta and hopefully write a story about my new love affair with all things Maltese. It’s time to make that big shift. I’ve done all that I can do and offered up basically everything I know and now it’s time to open myself up to something new. I’ve been very pleased with the work I’ve done and what I’ve put out into the world. This last book is very sweet, and much simpler than my last books. It is the guide, but it’s up to the reader to make it happen. It got endorsed by one of my favorite doctors and authors Dr. Bernie Siegel. I had them put his endorsement right on the front cover. I am so proud to have his support with this work. I need to keep my throat clear and calm, I’ve never recorded as much as I will need to tomorrow. It’s 12 chapters of meditations.

The cool thing about this book and the somatic emotions is that we don’t just focus on the hard things that our bodies have endured, but also the times in our life of great joys and happiness. All of those are buried into the tissues as well. We can pull them out and remember them and help recreate some of the same. If I haven’t lost you by now, I will show you the chart and that will effectively outline each one of the chapters. If I lost you, don’t worry, soon enough this will all be about Malta. Today though, there is no news, and tomorrow is my big day for recording. It’s exciting to me. Finally it’s a more mainstream book and I’m excited to be on the forefront in bringing deep healing from the muscle, cellular, and soft tissues themselves. Below is the chart. It will also be turned into a poster to sell along with the muscle emotion chart based on the last book The Body Heals Itself. If you ask for it, I’ll post those charts on another post. Below is the Somatic Chart. What emotions do the body tissues store.

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