My first video post!

If you follow my personal facebook page, you’ve seen this already. I posted a video today of the gardens and trees on the property. I also posted a video of my new cool friend, the chameleon who climbed on my bench and let me stare at his oven mit hands. Since I have always wanted one of these guys as a pet, this will suffice beyond my expectations because the landlord said there are tons of them around the house. You can’t begin to understand the giddyness that comes over me in thinking about finding these magical creatures all around. This paired with fears that when my dogs get here, they will not want to be spectators of these glorious beings.

Below is the video of my guy:

The other super cool find today was that we actually have almond trees hanging over our wall. I am extremely excited about this. Now I want to plant cashew trees and avocado trees. We have the avocado pits ready to begin growing and there are plenty of pots available to go for it. I will let you know how it goes.

Next up: Food in Malta. As you know, we are on a 14 day quarantine that does not allow us any wiggle room to leave our house except to do the covid tests. Our friends stocked our pantry, fridge and double stocked our freezer. So, we use those foods for breakfast and lunch and have decided to order dinners for delivery so that we can get a true taste of Malta. Last night we had salad and pasta (a tomato cream sauce with smoked salmon and shrimp) and it was beautiful, except that the restaurant forgot the balsamic dressing for the salad which was disappointing. All in all a wonderful meal none the less and they deliver wine! Below is a photo of our first Malta meal delivered.

We are waiting now for the second dinner to be delivered as this is officially our second full day here. So far, Scott and I have ordered one pasta and one salad and split them both. Nothing here so far sat gross, nothing is too saturated in butter or grease. The foods feel good and sit nicely, even the wine. Everything tastes different here. The food feels more dense, more nutrient rich and filling in smaller portions. The grapes that we had delivered today were so much larger than in the states and they still had the seeds in them. I forgot what it was like to have to remove grape seeds! The breads are dark and full of seeds and yet, the children are not pushing it away. I will post this after we eat so that I can post both sets of dinners and start new again tomorrow night. Plus, tonight we ordered desert. Home made caramel cream (we ate it too fast to take a picture. It was a nice custard with caramel).

Last nights meal looked like this:

Tonights meal looked like this below:

Tonights Meal: Calamari, Mushroom, onion, artichoke pasta in a light cream sauce and a Caprese salad with fresh Mozzarella, arugula, olives, and olive oil that is actually served with an olive in the oil!

Ok friends…until tomorrow!

Signing off with Love from Malta!!!

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  1. Elke Hawkins

    Yum! I’ll be over for dinner soon. 😊

  2. Adrienne Fishe

    Divine! Yummmm!

  3. Jan Marcussen

    Everything looks so yummy and fresh! Happy you found some restaurants that deliver!

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