Mdina the non church pictures and second half of the last post

Sometimes cake needs to be front and center…especially this cake, which I have now been craving every single day ever since I had it. Chocolate mint cake. Divine. The restaurants in Mdina are incredible…I say restaurants as if I’ve eaten at more than one. The first time we went there I had a sandwich on a baguette that was herby and creamy and ridiculous that I had been wanting it again. So, this time getting to bring Scott to Mdina, I decided that this restaurant was where we had to go. You know when you eat something really delicious and then you can’t wait to have it again and it can go one of two ways: one way is it is exactly like you remembered and you get to have that foodgasm thing all over again, or it leaves you sorely disappointed because it will never measure up to that first time you ordered it? Well, this place, Fontenallas DID NOT DISAPPOINT and this time, we added cake! The same herby baguette was exactly as I remembered it. The cake though? I ate it first…and then saved a couple bites for the after meal. I want that cake as a whole cake for my upcoming birthday. Seriously.

Here are some photos of us at the restaurant because I don’t show enough of the family

Now, here’s the funny part. Gareth and Barbara (Barbara is who we went there with the first time) were hosting their dear friend last weekend and unbeknownst to us, they also went to Mdina and also went right to the very same restaurant as well! It really was that delicious!
So there they were walking down the stairs to leave the restaurant when we noticed them!

Leaving the restaurant I want you to get an idea of how Mdina is laid out. High walls and narrow-esc walkways outline the entire city. Crazy enough though, cars still drive through a lot of it.

There is the Knights of Malta there since this is the sacred and silent city with so much history and they have people that reenact many parts of old world.

And finally, some photos of people’s actual homes that live inside the city. This super large one is three different residences as you can tell by the house numbers above the doors. The next two photos are also of some homes there.

This concludes the second half of this blog post on Mdina. It is an incredible city. There is likely to be more where this came from in the future. It’s not a place you don’t wish to return to. And that cake is still calling my name 😉

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  1. Jan Marcussen

    I gained weight just drooling over that cake. We definitely want that when we come to visit!

    1. That is a guaranteed date!

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