Mdina One of Two Posts

The 10/8/2020

I first want to thank you for the outpouring of condolences and love for the sudden and unexpected passing of my brother in law.

Moving into my next blog post. Scott and the girls and I visited the town of Mdina before he left. We went last Saturday to keep up with our family tradition of exploring on Saturdays. I wanted him to be able to see this beautiful city since last time he didn’t go with us.

I have done a blog post from here not too long ago but only showed one church. I love going into these churches here in Malta. They are all so stunning and skillfully and thoughtfully decorated. There was a museum exhibit that wasn’t there the last time we went. I will show some of those paintings. It was exquisite.

This is the inside of the smaller church in Mdina. No church so far has disappointed. Every one with so much detail. Just glorious.

Here is the name of the church above-

The crazy thing about mdina is it’s its own city. People still live there. You could not up and move there, the homes have been passed down through many generations. All of the walls are high and the city is tightly contained. There is a rich history in this gorgeous place, not all of it is good. Malta suffered attacks and take overs from many different countries over the years and Mdina has a lot of history in it directly related to that.

Here are some of the homes

Here is a great link on Visit Malta on Mdina, the silent city and former capital.

And because I still have no technical skills, all the other photos I wanted to post have done something weird here and started putting everything into blocks where I can’t upload more…so this post will be a two-fer.

Keep reading…it’s another blog post.

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