Malta is in Total Lock Down

Well, we made it a long long while before experiencing lockdown. Malta has not shut down since the beginning of Covid last year but with the new variants flying around, some that are more contagious among children, it was time to shut it all down. The schools have gone to online from March 12-April 11th at least. This is our first time doing online school and so far, it’s been really good. But that is due to the fact that the schools here truly have got it going on. The education system here is far above anything I have ever experienced before in my life. I am so thankful that my children get to attend school here; in person or online. It is a dream watching these girls flourish in this strong and supportive environment. The teachers are the best of the best and it feels incredible to know that my girls are supported in every way a teacher and school can possibly support. We cancelled Ava’s birthday party which also happened last year at the beginning of all this crazy mess. She was good with it, knowing that we will make it up to her. I am the only one who leaves to do the grocery shopping since I’m the only one who’s been driving over here. I head over to Greens about every other day and it’s like a wild outing at this point.

Yesterday we did all pile into the car and headed to a take away seafood place called Fish and Gills and O.M.G. fried perch that was unbelievably delicious. That was totally worth the getaway. It was run so smoothly. All restaurants are only available for take away at this point, but this little place is always take away only and you can’t even walk in. You just order at the door and they hand you your food once it’s ready. Apparently the mom of the owner goes fishing every morning for her fish shop and then after her take of the best of the seafood, this little place gets the other best stuff. It is fresh out of the sea from just down the road- you can actually see the Mediterranean at the bottom of the street as you stand in line and wait for your food.

The other day I was driving home from the grocery store, which is literally maybe 3 streets away, and I had the most overwhelming emotional response to looking around at my beautiful neighborhood. I had this thought of “what if I had never gotten the chance to move here? What if I hadn’t met my favorite ladies here? What if I hadn’t gotten to live in this glorious house and made a bond with the Sea herself? What if I hadn’t ever gotten to taste the fresh GMO free foods that spoil in mere days? What if I had never experienced the incredible beauty of this sacred little island?” It made me tear up at the gratitude that I felt that this has happened for our family. It is strange to feel so at home and so at peace in a place so far away from the only home I’ve ever known. And yet…I really do. I feel like I have found part of myself here that never could have come to surface where I was before. I feel like a part of me has been freed and I love the energy and the attitude of the people here. I LOVE the school that my children attend. It is a dream come true and I pray they get to go through all of their schooling there. Malta feels like home to me. I resonate with the country. I love the friends that I have made and the experiences I’ve so far gotten to enjoy here. And all while a massive pandemic is happening! Imagine when all the towns open back up and the great Saint Feast Days return to what they have always been: a big party and parade throughout the town! These people know something about life that I have not seen before. They relax into it. Malta is a very easy way of living. It’s calmer and slower. People are more deliberate and also less interested in your business. The water surrounds you and offers a great deal of peace. I feel fed every day having a view of the Sea from my own home. I feel so connected to the water here, and at the same time, I realize the gargantuan potential of danger and bliss within that glorious water. She feels like she has her own energy and she shares here beauty with us every day. All the time the sky matches the water. When it’s dark, the water looks almost black. When it’s blue skies, the water looks crystal blue. It is stunning.

I don’t have new pictures with this blog though I could throw some in from other days. We have truly been indoors and observing the lock down as it was meant to be followed. I wanted it to shut down for a bit. Life felt so busy and I often wondered what we were thinking doing so many things going to school, going to dance and gymnastics and after school tutoring and my going to the gym- it all felt dangerous with the new variants flying around and spreading so rapidly. I don’t want to stay locked down for too much longer, but again, it’s nice having everyone home. Even Scott is working from home. We are all here. It’s a very special gift getting to be so tight with the family and getting to spend this time together like this. It’s something that I believe many may look back and treasure. It feels like pregnancy. I was so happy to be pregnant. I knew it was quick in the scheme of time and I wanted to savor that experience. I had so many people tell me that they wish that they had felt that way and they wished they hadn’t spent the whole time trying to speed up time. It’s like that now, in lockdown. We may complain and wish to speed everything up, but I believe that the Heavens and the Earth are asking instead that we slow down. We will come out of this different. That perspective however really depends on your own personal story throughout all this.

On another note, I am working hard at promoting the new book Healing Ourselves Whole that releases in May. My publicist is hard at work booking me interviews. I was on a show last night in Canada called Sunday Night Health Show and it was live. It was 8:30pm Canada time, but it was 4:30am Malta time. This is the deal though for being in another part of the world when the promo’s open themselves up. I will be doing quite a bit of crazy hours for interviews and I will do my best to be present to each of them and put my best foot forward. Today, I am exhausted and have done little to nothing. Maybe that’s why I decided to post this blog as if I’m writing you a personal letter keeping you filled in on what life is like today.

Wishing you all a very healthy, safe and protected time – and sending Big Love from beautiful Malta



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  1. Jan Marcussen

    You are making the best of what could be a difficult situation but what lovely surroundings!

  2. -

    I utterly enjoyed reading your blogs every day of your journey to and in Malta – albeit discovered a year later! You are so positive and honest – I love it!
    I am thrilled that the schools are great, it is a slower-paced life and it is just one more confirmation that we are too moving there next year. Can I please get in touch by email if I have further questions? Keep enjoying, keep living, keep writing 🙂

    1. Hi! I almost missed you in all the spam this website seems to get!
      Sorry for my delayed response. Yes, feel free to email anytime!

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