It’s All in the Garage


The Garage Has Become Our Storage Space

I just went into the garage to get the dog food for the dogs dinner. I looked around and it is packed with bags of clothes that we emptied out of the closets this weekend. Bikes, grilling stuff and just an overload of crap. Almost none of which we will be taking with us. The other side of the garage now has a giant trailer in it because we had it parked at the very top of our driveway where you would only be able to see it if you stood in exactly one spot from the street or if you walked up the actual driveway. This is what a nosy and very unfortunate neighbor likes to do when she walks her dog down our cult a sac and then reports us to the HOA and then we get the letter in the mail to move it in. In the midst of a global pandemic and we are all under lock down and this woman has nothing more pressing than to be the trailer police and walk up our driveway to take note of it. I’d like to ask her to stop walking her dog down our street; actually, the dog is welcome, the nosy neighbor is not. To me it feels like that neighbor that always looked out the window and watched the house on the show Bewitched. She’s that lady and I don’t even know her face. I just know she doesn’t live in this cult a sac and she walks her dog and goes out of her way to make sure we are all following the rules. The neighbor across the street keeps an actual boat in his driveway, also against HOA rules but either they never turn him in, or he doesn’t care if they do.

Looking at our totally packed garage gave me ‘the feelings’. You know the feelings. The ones that overload your whole body and you know at some point you will need to put in a sad movie and make yourself cry it out. There is no place for any of the feelings to go until we make room for them to move in or out. I think I will feel like I’m holding my breath over these next few months getting everything ready, waiting for flights to be opened up again to even get over there. By day I am super excited and yet I find myself waking up in the deep hours of the night with questions like “who do we call if we need the ambulance or police?” I know it’s not 911 because I spent my summer between high school and college traveling around Europe and when we were in Italy my friend literally jumped into a car with cute boys and took off clubbing. I was worried out of my mind and I kept dialing 911 from our hotel lobby and that is when I found out that 911 does not exist in Europe. I don’t actually know what does. These were times long before cell phones had been invented. (This gives away my age). Then I hear that we will be living on an island and therefore things are done on ‘island time’ which roughly translates to “whenever the hell we feel like it”. That makes me nervous in case of emergencies. Does that island time not apply to emergencies or does it carry over? These are things I lay in bed at night wondering and will not know the answer to until I’m actually in some sort of emergency and have to figure all this out. That scares me. Lots of things scare me. Even more though excites me and illuminates all my imaginations in better ways. Looking at pictures of the Mediterranean really gives me totally different feels. Those give me the Ooh La La’s. Seriously… that’s the part I can’t wait to experience in real life.

I believe that ever since the movie Cocktail came out with Tom Cruise, I along with many other people have kept the dream alive of running off to an island paradise and tending bar in a tiki hut. This island is different than the Caribbean islands for sure and I will not be bartending in any capacity, but I am living out my own dream that I do believe was born in the movie theatre whatever year that was.

Isn’t that everybody’s dream? To get to run away to an island and live there for however long and recreate your entire life? This is fantasy living 101 right now because it’s all in my head! It is actually happening, but today, it’s still a fantasy in my mind. I am still grappling with the realness of it all. I keep watching youtube videos of people in Malta. I’ve made up songs that me and the children sing about “It’s Malta?…It’s Malta!” And now here I am blogging to myself, or basically journaling instead of actually finishing up the book that has a real due date in less than a month. I forgot how fun it is to simply journal for the sake of journaling. Maybe there is something to this blogging gig after all.

2 Thoughts to “It’s All in the Garage”

  1. Renata

    Emily, one thing will help you to calm down is that there are good people everywhere and you will meet them and they will help you with whatever question you have.
    Enjoy the trip, it happened because you were ready for it, therefore, try to not give into fear.
    One thing for certain, you are doing it legal way, your income will continue and kids will be exposed to lots of good things outside of US.
    You can always come back, that’s the best part 🙂

    1. Oh Renata,
      Thank you for this! I know you know exactly what this is like! I am really excited, it’s more just finally getting over there safely with all my family, including the pets and then I can embrace all the new. I look forward to meeting the people and learning from them a new culture. It will be humbling and beautiful. I am ready for it.
      Thank you!

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