About Me

Emily A. Francis


I should probably introduce you to my crew. Maybe beginning with me! Above is my official headshot. My friend Jessica Allen is a genius with the camera and she did me right. She is also the photographer of the two shots of the girls with the balloons behind them. I hope she always does my photos, even across the world. Below, is a more accurate photo of me from just before a birthday party. I will mention it later on my introductions. I am in my pajamas (my super desired top choice of outfits every day of the week during this covid lockdown) and no make-up. This is the real me without filters nor apologies. I know how to get camera-ready, but if this is going to be a new blog with pictures and excitement from Malta, I will likely be more recognizable as the person below as opposed to my having to worry too much to look like the girl on the top. Both are me. Both are real, but makeup, angles and lighting can make a huge difference and I’m not about to let that become a deal-breaker for things such as this.

I have two little girls ages 6 (Ava) and 8 (Hannah). At first, I was hesitant to post any photos of my children. I will kill anyone with my bare hands should anyone try to steal them (to caveat). I fear that every day. But to be ongoing and transparent into my life and move into Malta, they are the biggest parts of this new life and my focus will be in large part about them. I am currently trying from over here in the states to choose their new school. More about that later. I will also be focusing on making the right choices for them, choosing the best musical instrument to pursue or continue, choosing which physical activity is the best fit for each of them, and their pursuit into both academics as well as and more importantly, their happiness and quality of life in this new space of life.

Hannah is turning 8 tomorrow actually at the time of this writing. When she was 3, she was diagnosed with a mild/moderate autism spectrum disorder and speech apraxia. I got to work. I put everything I had into deep meditation, healing instruction, did everything I was told to do and then finally took my power back and become the mother warrior I was meant to be. The same developmental pediatrician who diagnosed her and continued with her developmental testing removed her diagnosis in full just before she turned 5. She said exactly this to me: “you need to claim your miracle and know that everything you’re doing is working. I am happy to remove her diagnosis as she no longer meets any criteria for a DSM-5 diagnosis under the autism spectrum.” She is my miracle child and her capacity to heal, recover, and thrive is unlimited. She is so smart, so wise, so intuitive, so sensitive and caring. She is thoughtful and loud and bossy at home and incredibly shy and quiet around everyone else. She is silly. She writes books and stories and makes up movies and wants to become a filmmaker. She too is a water sign, cancer, and it shows. Sensitive, motherly, and loves the water. She is exquisite. I am excited to see what she does in her life.

What can I say that could even remotely describe my love for these two precious children? They are my favorite people in the entire world. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. Ava is my little baby angel. She loves being the baby and loves being a child. She cries at almost every birthday and end of the school year because she loves each age she is at and does not have any desire to speed up any growing process. She is incredibly sensitive, creative, intuitive, and very girly. She loves to cut and style the hair of every doll. She is very into accessories, makeup, and fashion, but she has her very own distinct style. She is a Pisces through and through. I hope to instill in her the value of resilience and letting things go when we need to. To not get too hung up on the details and to love ourselves deeply and unconditionally. I will strive to teach that to both girls, actually. 

I believe that both of my children will grow to do great things. I believe they will be kind to animals and to people of all races, ages, colors, and believers. My job is to help them find whatever it is that makes them shine and sparkle and light up from deep inside and then to help them find their own way into it. I do not care about whatever looks best on paper. I care about them being fully functional, happy, passionate people who use their lives to live and create with purpose; their purpose. It is not for me to push to be anything any of us try to decide for them. It is for me to support them as they choose and navigate their own way into the world. My prayers always for all of my family is to be safe, healthy, and happy in that order. We can create happy and it’s a lot easier to do it if we are healthy and none of this is an option if we are not safe.

I also come with two bonus sons who are no less loved and adored but I will not post any photos or information about them as they live full time with their mother and will only be accompanying us in Malta twice a year on their visits over. To protect all of their privacy I will simply leave it with two beautiful boys, wonderful big brothers and very much a dear part of our family. We look forward to their first visit over. Currently, as I write this, they have been with us for several weeks and return home in just a few days. It’s been a wonderful visit and always leaves us sad when they go. I have been in their lives since they were 2 and 3 ½ and therefore, they have no memory of my not being part of their lives. They are sweet boys and very academically gifted. Their mother does a great job with them. She works incredibly hard and I have a lot of respect for her when it comes to them. And that effectively ends that particular aspect of of my story.

Now for the rest of the family. There will be much talk in the coming pages about these pets because I am totally stressed out about getting them to Malta safely. We have hired a pet shipping company to take the animals over and I am petrified for each of them to survive the journey safely. Not because of the company, I have no doubt they are great. It’s that each pet is unique, sensitive and not particularly young in age.

Sophie the cat. She is 14 years old. We’ve had her for ten years. We found her at Petco and adopted her. She is the best cat anyone could ask for. She is shy, sensitive, very sweet and does not like to be handled. Everything is on her own terms, she snuggles in on her own and loves to be pet, but she will not snuggle in at your request. She does not like to be picked up and if anyone enters the home, she hides the entire time. The pet shippers will have a heck of a time finding her and putting her in the kennel if we are already in route ourselves and she’s at my mom’s house without us. My fears for her run deep. She is so skinny these days and bony with a hanging poochy belly. She is so afraid of absolutely everything and I fear greatly her ability to make this trip all the way through. She will be sedated with herbs and I will have to trust in the people helping her through. Big prayers I get to have her in Malta with us. She was the first pet my husband and I got as a couple.

Heidi and Kaiya. Heidi is the corgi in the front. She is the only little dog we have, but she is the bossiest and fiercest. She is 9 years old. We got her shortly after our honeymoon as a very young puppy. She is the only purebred dog we have as well. A tri-color corgi. I think she may do ok on the flight; she is the best traveler.

Kaiya the black dog behind her. My dogs tend to pose together every time I pull out the camera and they all hang tight near each other so it’s difficult to get a photo of any one of them by themselves. Kaiya we got off Craigslist and she is the best dog anyone could ever ask for. She is the most submissive dog I’ve ever seen. I would trust her around any baby, cat, dog, bunny…whoever and she will be sweet. That’s just who she is. The very sweetest. She is also 9 years old. She is a good traveler and my most calm dog of the crew, but she has begun to age fast and this makes me incredibly nervous for her. I’m hoping the stress of the travels doesn’t age her too much. I know it will be hard on her body and nervous system. I’ve specifically asked that all the pets are facing each other and know that the others are with them. I wanted to be able to kennel together in Germany in the pet area, but each will have their own space and they don’t put them in with each other.

Charlie. My boyfriend. He’s the youngest and newest member of our family. He is five years old and we’ve had him since he was about 10-14 weeks, I never can remember. He started out as a foster and I couldn’t let him go. He’s quirky, loveably, scared of loud noises and thunder, but acts like he will come through the door and kill you if you ring the doorbell. He is loved by all of us. I fear he will have super anxiety and have real issues with the travel. He hates being in the car, I can’t begin to imagine his fear in a plane. So loud, so turbulent, stuck in a kennel not being able to snuggle in with us or with Kaiya. She makes him calm. We always called her mother goose because Charlie would always lay inside her little nook. Now he humps her in the backyard, but only when he thinks no one is looking. He is a lover. He has the absolute best personality any dog could ever have and we all adore him to pieces.