In Between Rainstorms We Saw St. George’s Bay, St. Julians, and Valletta

September 14, 2020

We finally experienced storms here in Malta. It’s not sunny every day, but there is something sunny in every day even among storms. The lightening does its best to give us a great show and the thunder is like rolling giant drumming that spans the skies for hours at a time.

We had rain for the first time the week before. When it rains, it pours here. The rain comes down in thick sheets. Then when it’s over, it smells like the cleanest air we are allowed to have on earth. Between the salty sea so close, and now the rain that has come to clean the plants and the trees, it is so beautiful when the rain is finished. I have yet to get on film the lightning shows, but I can’t imagine it will be too long from now when I do. I thought the rainy season began in January, but it seems I was mistaken. This is entering the fall season, which virtually does not exist here. From what I’ve been told we have six months of summer and about the same of spring with a little sprinkle of cooler weather mixed in along with a rainy season.

When the storms cleared, we jumped on the bus and went over to St. George’s Bay beach and St. Julian’s. These are the closest to where we live and we had not been over there yet. St. George’s beach has a sandy part with lots of tables and chairs. It might be connected to the Westin Hotel though. It’s a pink building if you can see it above the water. To the right of it are Casino’s.

Outside of the sandy part, another way to get over into the water is walking over lots of rocks and then stepping right in. That is where we explored. It was quite nice. We were not in our swim suits so we just put our hands in the water.

Once we finished marveling at the water, we walked over just a few stairs to St. Julien’s to shop around and eat some Gelato. Here is a quick photo just looking up so you can get an idea of the shopping set up. I also took a photo of little houses right off the main drag in St. Julien’s. There is also on the other side, a Planet Hollywood and a Hard Rock Cafe. Felt like home a little bit with those.

Next after this little excursion, I asked Scott if we could jump on a bus and head someplace else. Now that we have unlimited bus passes, we are officially on the loose! The buses are jerky and it seems each peddle only goes to full speed. Stop and start is like a roller coaster. We jumped on the bus taking us through Sliema passing by many boat areas and into Valetta the city. These are all photos I captured from the bus!

The best photo of all that I think I’ve ever captured from the backseat of a car or bus is this one of some of the boats in Sliema. It’s my favorite picture of the day.

Finally we reached Valetta. We saw the Tritan fountain again but this time it had water coming from the dish at the top. You could see a rainbow through the water. I hope you can too.

Here are a few photos from Valetta. It looks so empty because of Covid.

Lastly from Valetta is a 5 second video treat of the inside of St. Johns Cathedral. They are closed due to Covid except when mass is being held. Yesterday they had mass. The police said we could come in to see it if I went and got a t shirt because I was in a tank top and you must have your shoulders covered. Once we got inside, there is a little section roped off in the back for visitors to look around. Before I noticed the no pictures or videos during mass sign, I began to video. It is such a tease, but it does give you a brief look inside. We did not stay until the end of mass but had we stayed, I would have been permitted to photo and video.

These final pictures are from the road ahead going into our town of Swieqi. I just like seeing the sights. Now, just because you see these wide open roads, do not get it twisted about driving here. If they all looked like this, I would not be so afraid. This is the wide open road of Malta. There are very few like this.

If you made it all the way to the end of this post, thank you and please share it on your pages so more people can feel the excitement of what it is like to get away from the rest of the world and move to paradise!

4 Thoughts to “In Between Rainstorms We Saw St. George’s Bay, St. Julians, and Valletta”

  1. Jan Marcussen

    You are turning into quite a photo-journalist! I am enjoying each picture and description you share. It’s wonderful you are so thrilled with your new location.

    1. Thank you, Nana! We are loving it here! It is such a beautiful country and the people here are so proud of their island home. They are eager to share their knowledge and teach us the history. It’s a very welcoming place to be.

  2. Jasna Marker

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with us. It is beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing more of this magnificent place through your eyes.

    1. Thank you Jasna! I’m having such a good time keeping track of all the beauty that lives here!

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