If You Are Interested In My Books and The New One- I Reveal The New Cover!

Malta Living Day by Day

On a Malta note…this begins the final week of our quarantine. On Friday a driver will come pick us up, at no charge, to bring us to the testing site to do our final Covid test and be finished with all the necessary health measures to ensure we did not bring anything into this country. Pretty impressive, ey? Yes, Malta is a population of just 500,000 so maybe that’s why they can afford to keep track of everyone and go the extra lengths to keep their citizens safe. Yeah…we’ll go with that. Either way, I feel safe here. And I feel a great sense of excitement and some fear in stepping out of our comfort space of island paradise into the crowds of all things new. One more week and I’ll take you with me. This weekend, we plan to hit the beach. Who wouldn’t on their first day out?? For the rest of the week, I have no idea what I will share with you, but today, I will share with you the other really big thing I’m involved in which is the cover reveal of my upcoming book.

Book Covers

On the Netflix special starring Brene’ Brown, she shows the different book covers that her publisher sent her for the book Daring Greatly. She turned down several before they produced one that she was comfortable having her name on. The foreign Rights books do not in any way give you a choice on your cover. They buy the rights; they translate it into their language and they design the cover. Most of the time you don’t even know that the book has been picked up in those languages until you receive your box of books.

In my contract, any foreign translations is supposed to send me five copies of the book. Having them show up in another language is honestly surreal. It might be my very favorite thing that has happened to me in book writing and publishing. It’s so exciting to know that your book lives somewhere around the world in a language you may not even know exists. My book, The Body Heals Itself were my first foreign translations. The book was picked up in India (but still in English), Chinese, Danish, Russian and Estonian. I actually had to look up Estonia on the map.

The books The Body Heals Itself and Whole Body Healing both by Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing have the covers match up. It’s really cool how they did that actually.
Here is a photo of all my books to date except for the upcoming release:

My new book that doesn’t release until May is with a new publisher to me, HCI Publishing. They published the original Chicken Soup for The Soul Book. They are an imprint under Simon and Schuster. I received the finalized book cover last week for it. It was the first time a publisher sent me actual cover samples to choose from. It’s also interesting because it looks nothing like any of my other books. It’s super simple, clean and interestingly I chose this cover before we arrived in Malta, but the colors of the cover are exactly the colors I see here. There are shades of blue, and buildings of tan and just a smidge of green thrown in like the palm trees are here. This morning I pulled up a picture of the new cover and just sat with it as I looked out onto the water and noticed that this is my life now. The cover is a reflection of my life now. I wrote the book last year when I was living in a transition place and now the cover and the colors of life have revealed themselves to me. I’ve been making my way here all along. Both in my visual world, and in my writing. This upcoming book, Healing Ourselves Whole, as I’ve mentioned may well be the last book I write on healing. It is mainstream and not under a New Age category. The target is for anyone who wants to do internal healing by way of the body as opposed to the mental therapies.


This new book is exactly the Somatic Emotional Chart that I created on somatic (body) emotions. Every chapter is the emotions I list in my chart. It gives the heavy four, the action bridge and the fabulous four emotions that I believe the body holds. I believe these are the primary body emotions based on more than fifteen years of working directly with bodies and how I’ve seen people process their emotions by being able to tap into themselves and what their body has been holding onto. It delves into your muscle memory system and the secrets your body has been keeping. It includes a journal in every single chapter built into it. It has written and audio meditations taking you deep down into your body in each chapter before you write in the journal.

It’s more simple and straightforward than the last two books that are filled to the brim with research and information. This book is the quiet work that someone must do on their own. I love it. I also have no idea what the final product will be. For the first time in my writing, I am not doing the editing phase. The editor does it and then sends it off to a copy editor and together they work on the book and I just sit back and wait to see how they turn it out. She (my editor) and I talked on the phone last Friday night so I could answer a few questions on the editing to be sure they get it how I want it to be, but that is like candy to me. It’s a surprising release of control and I absolutely adore it….at least so far, I do. I don’t know what it will end up being, but so far what I’ve seen with the editor who already gave me all the edits for every meditation (which is a substantial portion of the book) only edited for clarity. She did not change my voice, my tone, or anything but cleaned it up. If that tells me anything for the rest of the book, it should be quite clean and very near to the version I turned in. That is so exciting. I’m not spending this year in excruciating edits. The edits are the very worst part of book publishing. To just take out the middle man (me) and make it clean and edited without my having to get crazy with it? That is just the coolest thing ever!
It also allows me this time to blog. I’ve never been into blogging, but right now, with the time that I have it fills my need to write daily and it allows you guys to be with me at the same time. Writing books is quite isolating. Writing blogs opens you up to make this sort of a group event in a way.

Below is a photo of the producer for the audio meditations and me in the studio recording them. I had to get them done before I left Atlanta. Even though publishers have people everywhere to help engineer audio files, I couldn’t take any chances. Mark Van Allen is the best I know and I had to work with him. Thankfully, my editor got all the meditations edited and back to me so that I could do it the week before take off into Malta.

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  1. Jan Marcussen

    Love your cover for the new book! It is inviting, airy and refreshing!

    1. Hooray! I really like it too. Thank you!

  2. Bonnie Cole

    I am beyond thrilled with the cover and for you! Hurray 🎉💞

    1. Thank you so much! You helped me edit and you are the only person who has read the manuscript…so you will understand right now more than anybody that the flower on the front is the Queen Anne’s Lace. The one that grows from wild carrots 😉

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