I Now Have Real Pet Information- This is Helpful

We had our video interview with the pet shippers. I am now feeling much more confident in this process. They will load the pets; the compartment will be temperature controlled. They advised against sedatives for fear that it could cause heart attacks in the animals. They suggested an herbal supplement to calm instead. There will be another shipper waiting at the Germany airport where we will have our layover. From there, we will take an earlier flight to Malta while the pets will remain in Germany for at least five hours as required by their law. At that time, they will be released into a pen to run around and use the bathroom and be checked by a vet. They will also take a photo of each pet and send them to us assuring that they arrived alive and safe. From there, they will load them to the second leg from Germany to Malta. In Malta, they will have a courier bring all four animals to our door. That gives us enough time to get to a pet store and have cat litter and food waiting for everyone. It will be a full day of trauma in flying for the pets but hopefully they will all come through it safely. I won’t be able to comfort any of them. I am thinking even the cat should fly with the group in case of paper work or anything going wrong the pet shippers are better equipped to get the animals through. They have to obtain a European passport at one of the check gates. The company will file all the necessary paper work based on the paper work we get from our vets here. It’s an ordeal for sure but they are part of our family and they are coming with us.

According to the pet shippers, flying Lufthansa is the best way to go for pets. They have the best climate control and treat the animals top notch. We fly into Germany because it is the best international airport for pets. We are not allowed to fly on the airline because they have not yet opened up to the public and won’t be until October. The pets will fly with them in the freight flights. Dealing with all of the pet stuff has been unbelievably stressful. The vet we saw in the new town totally screwed us over. When I took my cat in, I called from the car to explain our international travel and sent in the paper work they needed to follow. I also said not to vaccinate her unless they have everything else they need in place. Because of the lock down, I was not able to go inside and had to sit in the car and wait.

The Vet called me and actually said to me these words: “I could not find her microchip, but I went ahead and gave her the three year rabies shot. They could euthanize her at the international lay over because you have to do the chip first and then the vaccine. So, either you will need to re-vaccinate her or start over.” Are you kidding me with this? How unbelievably inept are you at your job?? I was devastated and livid and went off on her.

We ended up driving the hour and a half back to our original vet who could find her microchip and did have to re-vaccinate because of her negligence and now we have all four animals properly and overly vaccinated and squared away. I will never forgive that vet. Not ever. Way to make an already stressful situation a million times worse.

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