Welcome to Gozo!!!

It’s full steam ahead onto the island of Gozo! We drove our car up the ferry parking lot and climbed up the stairs to look out. Here is the view from the ferry

The top is the furthest photo from the island taken from the boat. Second you can start to see the beginning of a beautiful city. And the final photo on the bottom is just before we docked. Gozo is incredible. It’s slower, more peaceful, super clean and filled with amazing churches and sights to see. We only had time to explore one of the church’s this time so there will be more blogs to come from Gozo of the different churches.

The roads are so much wider and I was able to practice driving a little bit. I’d like to go back often to continue to practice driving in a safer space like that.

Also, there is wide open spaces all over the island which is pretty incredible to see. Valetta is so packed you don’t find much of this over here. Although, I wish I had gotten to take a picture of it, on our way back when we got back to the big island, I can’t believe all the fields of vegetables and fruits being grown on the north side of the island. Greenhouses for miles and fields upon fields of different crops. It was so beautiful to see. This is really eating local!

The first place we went was to a restaurant for lunch on the beach of Ramla Bay. This beach is known for its red sand. I have to say, it didn’t seem that red to a Georgia girl who is used to seeing Georgia red clay everywhere, but if they say it’s red then who am I to argue that?

Here is a photo from that beach. I will let you be the judge of the sand color!

One of the things I really love about Malta big island and Gozo is the amount of well fed and well treated stray cats they have. I watched a group of men call to one of the cats on the street who eagerly went over to them. I had an instant fear because of the animal abuse I’ve seen in the states working with rescue. Instead, these guys all said hello to the cat and took turns giving it a pet on the head. My husband said he was walking his usual bus route to work and noticed a cat run up to a woman who sweetly pulled out cat food from her pocket and put it down for the cat on her daily morning walk. The way animals are treated her, and people for that matter is with a much higher regard. It is one of the most refreshing experiences to my soul to see. It feels like being brought into a place of real humanity and kindness in action here.

At the restaurant, a cat laid down right by our table. Our friend fed the cat the leftovers of her fish from her pizza. These cats are not hurting for food that is for sure!

Also, Gozo is known for its cheese. So I ordered the cheese salad and cheese ravioli. The cheese was actually way too salty for me so I only ate one piece of it. It was covered in pepper. Those little black squares are the cheese pieces. The salad came with a little packet of olive oil and a second packet of balsamic vinegar.

Once we left the beach area, we headed only to one church that our friends had resisted visiting on their full weekend in Gozo so that we could see it together.

I give you: Basilica of the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu

Lastly, this was a huge crucifix, the photo does not do it justice. It was overwhelming looking at it. It made you feel like you were right there during the actual time. Stunning. Horrifying. All in one. Everything. I sat in front of this one for a long while looking at the detail of his body, of the nails, the blood, his face, the crown. It all felt so life like.

Returning back to the big island of Valetta, the view on the ferry was very different. Boats as far as the eye can see parked. Absolutely beautiful.

Finally, after we got off the ferry on our side of the islands, we decided to go to Golden Bay beach and get in the water there. It was so packed I felt really guilty being there with all that is happening out in the world. We didn’t stay too long, but I did manage to capture a photo of the sun setting over the water. It was an incredible Sunday from here in Malta for sure. The beauty here is ever present. The presence of God here is so alive and vivid.

Until next time! Girls start school next week, I’m sure I’ll have a blog on that soon enough.

Sending you all love from beautiful, sunny Malta!

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  1. Jan Marcussen

    So glad you got out to see Gozo and even happier that you shared it with us. Looks like a wonderful island to visit and how nice to be able to take the ferry to get there. Praying that school for the girls will also be a wonderful experience.

  2. Sham

    MAGNIFICENT!! I was transported back in time when I walked (via you) into that church.

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