Golden Bay Beach

August 27, 2020

Golden Bay Beach, Malta. 

Golden Bay Beach was our first visit to a beach since we arrived in Malta. It is one of the few sandy beaches on the island, even though the entire island is obviously surrounded by the sea. It was absolutely lovely. The sand was soft, a unique color and thicker but not more coarse. It did stick to us more so than sand we have seen before, mostly from the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. The sand there is pearly white almost and very thin. It comes off pretty easily. By looking at our shower it is obvious this this Mediterranean sand tends to stick with you a little bit more aggressively.

The sea birds here in Malta were nothing like the seagulls I’m used to seeing at the beach. Instead these little brown birds are small and not at all aggressive or intrusive. They were just chilling out and following any place they could find food. There was a bit of a bun of bread near our towels, only two of them even came for it. It wasn’t a food fight where the birds flock to your space and practically climb in your hair. They were sweet little brown birds. It was not at all a bother to have those sweet birds nearby.

The sides are high walls of natural rock. It is really a grand view. So many things to take in all at once. A small desert with cactus and rocks and then the water begins and it is full of algae and looks brown where it is. But then you look just a little bit over to the side and it becomes clear and you can see all the way around you without effort.

The water was warm. It was so easy to walk right in and go in as deeply as you wanted to go. There was not a moment to have to get used to the temperature of it. It was also the saltiest water I’ve ever tasted. The key to me is to go during the week. It had a lot of people, but it was not at all packed. Photos of this beach usually look packed. I believe on the weekends it might be filled to the brim with people. Notice the flag and little castle looking building above. There are several just like this all over the island. I have not figured out their meaning yet, but it is something I will look into. 

The thing about meeting the sea, or any body of water is, it’s an entirely different experience when you bring your children to the beach, verses going to the water by yourself and inviting the actual energy of the water to penetrate into your awareness. Being near the water can be tremendously spiritual as an experience for me. However, when I can’t just sit someplace and close my eyes and take it all in and let my own energy merge into the sacred energy of the sea, I don’t feel the connection the way that I could it if I were there alone.

It’s an entirely different experience when you hit the beach with children. It isn’t about you and your connection to the vastness of the water. It’s about watching your children every minute because of the vastness of that water. This in no way minimizes my day at the beach of course, it just made it surface level fun in the sun. For me on a personal level, I really love to sit alone at the edge of any body of water and just feel it all. To me the water is a huge connection to God. It is some the greatest treasures we have been given, these mighty forces of nature for us to enjoy. We just get to experience them in very distinct ways depending on how you get to interact with it. Today was a lovely day. My children jumped the waves and tried to body surf. They got ridiculously dirty in the sand. They buried their toys in the sand and went back and forth from wave jumping to sand diving.

I didn’t want to stay more than an hour or two because I didn’t want to risk us all getting sunburned even though we wore sunblock. You know those first days at the beach where the wind tricks you into thinking it’s not hot enough to burn you to a crisp and then you get home and it’s painful. I wanted to avoid that. Plus, Barbara and I decided we would explore a different beach each week. There is time to explore and I plan to do it deliberately.

So, we stopped at one of the little cafe’s on our way out and got a little gelato and ice cream treats. Because…what more can you want on your way out of the Mediterranean Sea anyway? It was the perfect ending to a glorious day. 

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  1. Dr. Elisa Lottor

    Love reading your blog!

  2. Jan Marcussen

    How beautiful! So glad you are sharing it all with us! Looking forward to see how the other beaches measure up to this one. Sure seemed perfect to me.

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