Going Back to May When My Book Released and I Let it All Hang Out

May 12, 2020

I’m not used to dating anything, but I want to keep it for the sake of history since this is the time of quarantine and lock down and I’m preparing to get on a plane almost as soon as it opens back up. My book Whole Body Healing officially released this past Friday, May 8th. When you write a book, it takes a year to write and a year to edit and there is no telling how long it takes to first get it picked up by the publisher. It’s hit or miss or not at all in that department. I’ve been working on that book for so long that by the time it arrived, I was over it. Plus, the final editor basically rewrote the entire thing in her voice and I don’t feel like it’s really mine anymore. I don’t particularly like the voice that it’s in. I gave her 50 pages of edits but it still doesn’t sound like the version my original editor and I sent in.

The final editor is supposed to edit for spelling and grammar and lay it out properly. Not really for content. Apparently this young editor decided she did not like the way I write and so she did it all in her voice, rendering actual facts useless and changing them into mistakes that I had to also re-write and make sure I caught so I didn’t offer incorrect information to my readers. She wound up spelling the word “stretching” wrong in the final product…after I saw that I sent a letter that spell check would have caught that, made sure it was not an error I made (which I didn’t) and closed the book. Now, I’m promoting it and marketing it and it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Every author has stories like this in some form or fashion. I am no exception. I still love the book and all that I put into it and still thing it has tremendous value to the reader, but it was pretty agonizing toward the finish line.

I’m working on my final book in my healing trilogy and this time it’s with a different publisher and I’m really excited to see how they do things. It’s much more of a mainstream book and I’m also looking forward to being able to share with my southern religious friends a book I wrote…finally. (I will own it, I am a ‘new age’ author). By that time however, I will be living in the Mediterranean and likely won’t be as concerned with showing my friends in the south, nor seeking any sort of approval.

I washed my hair today and tweezed my eye brows for the first time since this thing went down (the eye brows part, not the washing of the hair). My roots are disgusting and so I spray them with fake color root touch up. The only problem is, my part literally has a bright yellowy orange color that stains right down the line. It is not pretty. Somehow, I can pull it off on a video though. Just like my giant nostrils that only seem to be getting larger. If I keep my head in the right direction, you can’t see these flaring dragons that have emerged.

Spray painting my roots reminds me of the eighth grade when self-tanner had just come out. My best friend and I didn’t go anywhere for spring vacation and so we thought we would dip into her older sisters’ new self-tanning lotion. Only, I kept sneaking back into the bathroom and applying more to my face. The next day I woke up with what can only be described as a similar scene to that episode of friends where Ross went into the tanning booth and it kept spraying his face. It looked like I dipped my face and my palms in mud. It was orange. It was hideous. It was not enough for my mom to allow me to stay home from school. Everyone made fun of me. I stuck to my story though, it was a tan. I got burned laying out on the trampoline. I would not cop to the self-tanner scenario. My friend to this day loves to bring up that story “do you remember that time you did all that self-tanner and it looked like you dipped your face in mud!?” This is a common reminiscence of our younger days. Back then it felt like the most humiliating experience. As an adult, I wish I would have taken a picture of it. Holy cow! This random writing stuff is awesome! I wonder if any of this will wind up getting published! I’ve worked so hard and so long for my healing books. All the self help work on myself and all the research I’ve done and who knows, maybe this little fun blogging experiment paired with the dream and chance of a lifetime to run away to an island might be the big winning ticket after all! Only time will tell. For now, its really fun to write without any editing or word counts and just tell it.

On the business side of things, our realtor in Malta keeps sending us these glorious castles that semi remind me of dungeons just the same. I fell in love with one and in a couple of days, the old tenants decided to re-up their lease. We have no idea where we want to live, being that we’ve never actually stepped foot on this island and are choosing a home from a million miles away. We are on the wait list now for a few schools. No one has availability, so that’s always fun and stressful not that it would change much considering again, I have no clue what I’m actually doing except researching and taking everyone else’s word for it. Scott’s boss has chosen his place. It overlooks the sea. It’s stunning. It’s perfect for an adult couple without pets. It meets zero of my own boxes, but it’s lovely. “I need a garden” is what they refer to it as which means any patch of grass because I have three dogs who will need to use the bathroom several times a day and I do not want to commit to having to leash them up and walk them for every break. I let them out in the middle of the night often and I’m not walking the streets of any island at night. This week we will do a zoom meeting with the realtor as well as a zoom call with the pet shippers so I can grill them on how they can guarantee me that my pets will arrive in Malta alive and safe. Traumatized, I’m sure because I don’t think you can get out of that part, but alive and safe is what I need. When we finally land at our new home, I imagine the cat will not be speaking to me for at least a week and I can’t say I can blame her.

So…that’s where we are at currently on pets, homes, and schools. It will all work out. This I know to be true. I am doing my very best to trust in all of this process and stick to the program. My main job is to keep my children calm and excited about this move. No one benefits if I go nuts. So, I save that for the 3:30am wake up call that my body has set for more than a week now consistently. I’m fine with it.

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