Gaining Insight On Being Objective, The Bidet , TV, and Switches

I posted the other day that the government officials came by to ensure that we are obeying quarantine. Everyone practically cheered for it on my personal facebook page. One person went into a rage thinking it was local to Georgia and then realized that I was not being harassed and this was part of the deal I made in order to come into the boarders of another country. Most people praised their following up and being effective in keeping their citizens safe. Others thought it was great for us, but would never allow that to be done to them in the US. We have reached a place where politics is dividing the entire country and no one even knows all of what they are even fighting on. The loudest ones don’t bother to do the research from both sides, yet they act like they know it all. I see photos of one of the biggest criminals in the world right now on one persons page at Chelsea Clintons wedding but they fail to mention the additional ten other photos of Trump with the same person. If you want to gain respect, you have to be willing to see both sides of the aisle instead of always fighting to be right and for people to allow you to somehow make their decisions and opinions based on anyone else’s own limited vision. Want to be bold? Post both sets of photos and understand that whichever side you are on, they are all really dirty.

The truth is powerful and it has been lost on all of us. Remember that old saying there is one side, the other side and the truth? We all believe we know the truth when really, we know so little. So many things are kept from us. So many things are bought and paid for. In politics, in regulations with our environment, our food sources etc, it’s all so tainted. I personally appreciate that this government is making me follow up on the documents I signed. In no way do I feel violated of any rights.

This same idea is the way I prefer to approach my work with regard to healing. It is not my right nor my responsibility to make any decision for any person based on the things that I believe and know about in healing, or on any other subject for that matter. My latest book, Whole Body Healing, lays out the Eastern, the Western and the middle and has no push to one side or the other. I tried my best to present the information that allows you to make your own decisions. I also subscribe to the idea that once I lay out my research and offerings, I have zero attachment to what anyone might choose from it. We’ve gotten so lost in our ability to do that when it comes to politics and public health issues. Even people in my own health and healing field, they give advice then fully expect you to take it to the letter. If something doesn’t feel right to you and you decide to look wider, many take that as some sort of personal attack or offense. We’ve gotten so hellbent on any infringement of our own personal rights that we have totally failed to keep up with anyone else’s. Our selfishness knows no bounds. The right verses the left in America is so incredibly dangerous and the divide and conquer is working beautifully. We are divided. This is one aspect that I will not miss back home. I have become divided too. I watch how people defend mercilessly their side and I tend to write them off just as quickly. I can’t take it anymore. I write this not to say I somehow have any of it figured out, I write it to say I was really tired of the vitriol that I felt was drowning us.

Moving on to Malta

I’m in my hard quarantine and except for my excitement to get out and go explore, it is a very small ask. No matter what, as long as we are alive, the time will come and go. Just like in May and all the way up even to the day we left, I spent each day counting it down and then terrified that something would go wrong and we would never get here. To actually be here now is surreal. This does not mean I do not love the United States. I will always love and cherish my home. It will always be home. But I also feel strongly that spirit made this opportunity possible in order to keep us safe and alive. We were given a path and we took it. I am following on all of my intuition and internal feelings. This is the right place for us at just the right time.

It’s a Wonderful World

When I was on the plane and looking down at the sky, I could hear that song come alive in my head. Now I sit in the pool and only see a handful of clouds through the perfectly clear blue skies each day and when I see the clouds of white, like I’m in some sort of movie trailer, the song begins again in my head. I now wonder if whoever wrote that song took a trip over to Malta for their inspiration.

Someone mentioned to me the other day that maybe people won’t read my blog if it makes them feel jealous. I’m living in an island out in the Mediterranean Sea, what the hell can I say and share that would avoid feeling that way? I moved to paradise! There will of course be down sides to it, but the upsides are freaking insane! I’d be jealous and wildly envious if anyone I knew were getting to do this and I’d want to know everything! That is what I’m trying to do here, tell you everything. Take you with me. And document for my own family and children what this journey has been. My response to my friend on the jealousy thing was “fuck jealous people” and I meant it. As with the feelings I have had for so long on listening or avoiding the loudest political rant, jealousy is exhausting and I can’t deal with worrying myself on how someone takes it. Social media can be really misleading, but it can also be turned off at any time. You always have the choice to follow or delete. It actually is that simple.

Enough about that though…

We are in a heat wave here in Malta. It is insanely hot. According to my phone it is 91 outside, which is a daily in Georgia. It doesn’t feel the same. Georgia is super humid. Malta is not as humid, but it’s also not overly dry. The land is super dry. But there is water on all sides of the island, so that salt helps to lubricate just enough the air we are getting.

Inside the house

See the little orange switch that says cook? You have to first turn on that switch before anything on the stove and oven works. I would have missed that entirely and assumed that the oven was broken.

Each appliance requires knowledge of more buttons to push to get things to turn on. All the plugs are different and there are switches to first turn on before you can get what you want by just plugging it in. We also have a bidet (pronounced bid-day) I have no idea how to use it but I know it washes your butt. People love them. Soon I will figure it out and give it a go and report back.

The TV

Next item is the tv. We are now streaming all of our American shows (thank you Amazon firestick and thank you Scott who knows how to make that happen). On regular tv it is interesting the shows in different languages. Here in Malta, people speak English, Maltese and Italian. I watched a commercial for The Big Bang Theory in another language and I still don’t know which language it was. I watched the old movie ‘Step Up’ in Italian. I still enjoy the dancing! MTV has ten different channels. So many music channels, and from what I’ve noticed, Pitbull is on a lot of them. Mr. International really is Mr. International! I find all of this interesting. This is also because being only allowed in my house the tv becomes important to me. The girls watch youtube tv to these toy shows. We do morning home school to keep up with our studies, then maybe pool time depending on time of finish. Then we chill out and tv or ipad are fine with us as they chill out. Then pool time again and then dinner or sometimes pool after dinner. You have to watch out though because dawn and dusk, like a timer, the mosquito’s come in with a vengeance. They do not carry malaria thank GOD but they are supposedly larger and their sting is itchier. So, we bring it in as soon as we see them coming, or try to get inside just before. We also have several wasp nests all around the property. They love all the fruit trees. The ants are larger but they don’t seem to bother us so we’ve ignored them. So far, they are only outside.

According to the landlords son, there is a hedgehog that lives in the garden. Chameleons and hedgehogs??? Are you even kidding me? They said it is extremely rare to spot one. I pray hard that it is not any of my dogs who track them down and locate them. That will not be pretty. The dogs arrive Thursday. I still don’t actually know what time. I am on a serious countdown knowing that they leave tomorrow from Atlanta. They are getting picked up at 4pm but their flight doesn’t leave until 11pm. Strange, such a long time I hope they will be ok. Then a 5 hour layover in Germany at least and then on to Malta. Then someone will check them out at the Malta airport and then they will be loaded into a van and brought directly to our house. When it comes to this part, the clock ticks slowly.

10 Thoughts to “Gaining Insight On Being Objective, The Bidet , TV, and Switches”

  1. Ethel

    Emily Iโ€™m so loving your your blog. Thanks for sharing with us. You and your family stay safe. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜

    1. Thank you so much! We are certainly doing everything we can to continue to be safe over here! I hope and pray Georgia begins to get safe over there and the numbers start going the other way!

  2. Hilda Fourie

    Hello Emily,

    Yes I am jealous and want to come and visit!!! I am very serious about that!

    I changed countries 20 years ago and have not looked back. Miss my family terribly but technology helps a lot. Enjoy the newness ! Driving on the other side of the road is not that difficult as you will be sitting on the other side of the car as well ๐Ÿ™‚ ! Trust me, had to come and relearn here in the US.

    Please keep on blogging and posting pictures. Enjoying every day of your journey with you and cannot wait for the puppies to arrive! I brought two dogs with me when I moved to the US and it made everything a little easier.

    Hilda Fourie

    1. Hi Hilda! I miss you! The dogs are arriving Friday, not Thursday like I thought. It appears they will be in Germany for a whole night and day. As long as they arrive safely, that is all that matters. I agree with everything you just said and please know truly, you are ALWAYS welcome to come for a visit!! We got room!

  3. Renata

    Emily, thank you for sharing the โ€œotherโ€ side of the worldโ€™s life. We all need to broaden our horizon and atop being so โ€œI, me, myโ€ mentality :))

    I highly recommend bidet, especially having 2 girls. They come very handy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I adore you so! Do you know we still use our Cutco knives every single day at my moms house?? I think of you every time too! I just showed the girls the bidet and tried to explain what it can do for us. We may need a little tutorial!

  4. Carola Rodina

    hey girlie!! totally agree on the jealous note…it’s not your problem, jealously always lies in the heart and head of the beholder…as do so many things really. and then there’s the Bidet! I wish I had one, but more than likely will again sooner than later – we’ll see ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bidet + Hand Towel = NO need for TP! WAY cleaner and far more refreshing! and if you’re super hot and can’t cool down, just sit on it and let some cool water flow…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ you’re welcome! hahaha Glad all is well <3

    1. Yeah…I’m going to need a serious play by play in baby steps of exactly what to do with it! Just sit down or squat or what?
      I miss you!

  5. Jan Marcussen

    So appreciate you sharing. Remember – you are not responsible for other people’s feelings of jealousy. That is their problem and they brought that poisonous attitude with them – you did not create it. Shake off those negative vibes and give thanks for all the blessings that are showering down on you!

    1. You are absolutely right. I am so enjoying sharing our journey. I would not want it to upset people, but more to feel like they are here with us and get to experience as much as they can. The blessings are big right now and we know when the blessings get big, we open our hearts and our arms out as wide as we can to accept and receive them with love and gratitude.

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