Flying With Pets

July 10, 2020

Flying with Pets

This is something I literally know nothing about except for the horror stories that you see on the news where either they lose your pet or the pet arrives dead. This, of course, keeps me up at night. My prayers have increased exponentially around this matter. I find myself loving on my animals while repeating the mantra in my head, “please arrive in Malta alive”. I lay in bed wondering things like:

Who will take them to pee after the flight lands between connecting flights?
Will we get to take them out just before boarding the plane?
At what point will we stop being able to see our pets?
Do they have to be in the kennels for hours before the flights?
Will the pets be on the same flight as us?
How much will this cost to ship two large dogs and two smaller pets?

I’ve heard back from the pet shipping company and they say we have to have a pet shipper at each airport on the ready to be sure all documents are in order. How do we find our designated pet shippers so they have all the right documents?

Will our pets have held their bowels in this entire time so now we have urinary tract infection treatments to look forward to?

Will any of my animals go into cardiac arrest during this flight in sheer fear and terror?
Should I take any of the animals to the vet and have them labeled an emotional support animal so they can fly with us in the cabin? And if so, who do I pick? (Who are we kidding we all know I’d choose Charlie but that makes me feel bad for saying so out loud).

We are going to need to sedate the pets, does our Vet know what he’s doing? I’ve never met the guy so really; I do not know. We moved last year and I finally brought all my pets in for annuals and it was during quarantine so the vet tech would come out to the car and take them one by one on leash (minus the cat who gets brought in by carrier) and they do all that they need to do without me there to soothe them and then brings them back out to the car. The vet calls the next morning to give you the blood work results and tells you to get those animals to lose weight. I tried explaining that anyone that comes into our house will naturally put on weight because in this house we like to eat…a lot. And we cook as if we are headed to the electric chair in the morning. It’s a problem. I’m looking forward to living out in the Mediterranean so I can learn this way of life once and for all and not from any book on their diets or South Beach…but I digress…

You know what would be a lot easier? If someone would fly us out there on their private jet so all the animals could fly comfy with us! Maybe I should call my old buddy Richard Branson and see if he wouldn’t mind giving us a lift 😉

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