Every Day it Becomes More Real

Every day it Becomes More Real

As the days go by and we wrap up another something, it becomes all the more real. Today we take Scotts truck in to get it detailed and then will sell it over the weekend. We have held off on getting mine done until the following week. That way I can transport all the dogs in my minivan to the next vet appointments (there are quite a few in the line of getting international passports for the animals). Once we detail my car we will sell it as well and rent a minivan up until we drive it to the airport. Scott will jump on Marta and get up to the airport to rent the car so we can return it in the same place. These are details you wouldn’t think about unless you were about to leave the country and basically let go of all your possessions.

Don’t get me wrong, we have a freight being shipped overseas right now to our new place over there with our stuff but it’s minimal. It sounds funny unless you own one, but I will really miss my minivan. I never saw myself as a minivan person, but with four children and four animals a minivan is the way to go. Until a few years ago, we owned a beach house. We hopped in the car with the kids and the dogs and vacationed a lot at our sweet condo. Before we bought the minivan we found ourselves having to rent one when everyone was on the trip. It just made sense. Once we got it, both Scott and I realized that we are indeed minivan kind of people. This past year at our sweet hybrid school we began a Thursday playdate following school and all the kids would pile in my minivan and come over to play. I would feed them pizza and we would make playdough or brownies or whatever else I had on hand. Those were glorious days and made me love my minivan all the more. Almost every mother at our school had the same minivan. These were Catholic families, so everyone came with a crew of kids. My friend got a new minivan and she referred to it as her “corvette van.” It was the perfect name for it.

In Malta not only will the steering wheel be on the other side of the car, but the roads are extremely narrow and my minivan and Scotts big truck will not fit anywhere there. So we are selling them and starting new and my car of choice will be the Volkswagon Tiguan. I’m looking forward to being a VW girl again and it’s enough room for the girls. Most of all, it will fit in with the size of the cars there. I have to be able to park my car places. You wouldn’t think that letting go of a minivan would be such a big deal, but in all honesty of all the material things that I’ve released in this process, that will be the one I will miss the most.
I’m getting to the point where I don’t even want to see any friends for fear that someone could infect us with the virus before we go. So much is on the line here for us to be healthy. I did have both Scott and I see our acupuncturist this past weekend. I want to strengthen our immune and respiratory systems. It was the first time I’d had any medical visits since before March. Wearing a mask while being face down on a massage table (I asked for cupping which requires you to be face down and helps pull out any wind out of the lungs) is not comfortable. I kept moving my mouth around trying to find a spot for my nose to breathe.

I can’t even begin to get into the mask debate. In other countries, people are a good bit more respectful about protecting friends and neighbors. Here in the states it is always around ourselves and our personal rights (this excludes anyone with sensory issues of course). The arguments over it are entirely too much to deal with at this point. I am officially on a countdown to get to my new home and start new. There are friends I’d so love to see before we go, but at this point we just can’t be too careful with who each person is exposing themselves to.

In college it seemed that particular STD’s ran amuck in the town. Different schools carried different front runners. You could begin the count of this person got it from this person who got it from this person who gave it to this person and so on. Obviously, Covid is not a sexually transmitted disease, but I’m looking at the infection rate as something like this but so much bigger. If my friend decided not to wear a mask and attend church services, how many people were they exposed to? Then they call us the next day to play and I had to make excuses why we couldn’t. As soon as I heard “we are going to church and then we can play” I knew that it would not be kind to let them know that I do not trust who they have been exposed to, so instead I’d just say “we have way too much to do today. Maybe another day?” But it’s the rule of lines of exposure. This is where everything gets hairy. You can’t tell anybody what to do, or even what you think of their choices. You just have to take a step back and know that you cannot risk it.

People make their own decisions, but I can’t take the hit on the choices being made. We have to be able to get on that plane on the date that we have set to go. I can’t put my mother at risk or my children or ourselves for that matter because there was someone I wanted to see. This is actually one of the hardest parts of being back around where our friends live because I can’t take the risk and no one is willing to limit their own exposure just because they might get to see us. When we arrive in Malta we are looking at a hard 14 day lock down quarantine upon entering the country. I don’t even think we can go for a walk. This is all fine because our new house comes with a pool. It’s also a great way to allow all of us to fully decompress after months of chaos. In Malta they have had 100 Covid cases and 5 deaths. They closed their borders quickly, did the isolating, lock down and mandatory mask wearing. They have it under control. Needles to say, they generally would not want people from America coming to infect their people after they did such fast and diligent work to get it under control. I have no problem doing the lock down. It’s the right thing to do. Once those 14 days lift though, I will be on the tour bus, taking walks, going into the city, visiting the Sea and taking it all in.

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