Covid Test Completed!

July 28, 2020

The Covid Test Is Completed

The covid test was not as bad as I had it in my head. This in no way implies it was fine. It wasn’t. But, I had been told horrible things like it is so close to the blood brain barrier that people are having bleeding problems from the test and that people on the spectrum were facing regression due to the tests. Needless to say I was totally freaked out for my children and for myself. I had also been told it is “painful”, “not painful but uncomfortable”, and “that it felt like a little tickle for about thirty seconds”.

So, here’s how it went: We pull up in my minivan the four of us. Scott and Ava in the passenger side and Hannah was behind me on the driver side of the car. There were two people administering the tests, both were incredibly nice. We sat in line for nearly an hour even though we had a scheduled appointment. It was packed. We finally pull up to a tent and shut the car off. This is the part where owning a minivan rocks because the kids kept their head phones on and watched the Lion King while they swabbed them. I also gave each girl two drops of rescue remedy and four drops for me. Rescue remedy is a homeopathic calmer. It’s the same thing I have for the pets for their flights. It is a simple little remedy administered under the tongue and in minutes you can breathe better. It calms the nervous system.

We rolled down all four windows and both testers went to the passenger sides. Ava was swabbed first, and she did awesome. Right after, her little eyes welled up with tears and she cried just a little bit. We all clapped and cheered for her. Then Scott was swabbed by the other person. His eyes watered too, even though he told me it was just sweat. Then they came to my side and swabbed Hannah and me. I told the woman that I was terrified of this test and asked if I could do the throat swab. They only do the nose swab. I told her I would do my best not to grab her or resist. I sat on my hands and squeezed the material of my dress. I had my head back against the seat and I resigned myself to trying to sit still and ride through. She went up the left side first and it was smooth, but high up in my nasal cavity. I dealt with it and then began to make the sounds of ok that’s enough. Then she pulled the swab out and went right up the other side. This side hurt a little worse but mostly because it felt like she was in there for too long. Again, I made sounds of please stop! I did not let go of my dress nor did I move my head. When she pulled it out, my nose felt as though I had a procedure to open up my entire sinus pathways. I wanted to blow my nose. I kept rubbing my nostrils to help create a little moisture. My nose felt strangely dry and wide open following the test. And with that, there were ice cream sundaes for all.

We are now officially one week out from leaving. One week from today we will board the plane with our cat in tow. I am so ready. The count-down is making me itchy. I have been napping every day lately. And sleeping terribly at night. I feel like I’m in the third trimester of being pregnant (I’m not pregnant). I nap, I sleep weird, I feel incredibly overwhelmed and overcome with excitement of the unknown. My body is responding much the same way that it did when I was on the countdown to having a baby. Such excitement, such fear, such joy and terror of what life will be once I make such a change. Today we met with our landlord on a video. She was so lovely. Her child is Hannah’s age and they go to a school in walking distance from our home. I told her it was one of the schools that we are on the waiting list for and she said she would email them right away and try to help us get in. She said it’s a sought-after location to live in and that there are tons of places we can walk to. She said the people are friendly and will be very helpful to us. She looked just like I imagine the people of the Mediterranean to look; clean, thin, healthy, calm and with a glow from living the simple and healthy life. At some point I need to learn the correct spelling of Mediterranean, I constantly have to spell check it. It’s about to become my new home, I should know the correct letters.

In one week, these posts will be a lot more fun. For now, it’s all the loose ends tying up. Tomorrow I take Sophie to her final vet appointment. Thursday we will have an outside distanced lunch with Scotts family. Friday we will see our best friends for a backyard sprinkler play date (also socially distanced) and then from there we will hopefully get to see my sister and nephew before we depart and that’s about it. The rest is figuring out what we will pack in our suitcases, buying a cat harness in case for any reason she does get out of her cat carrier we will have her harnessed and leashed. The countdown is on and I am getting really excited. Having that covid test completed eliminates another stress ball from my mind and body. Next is getting us over there safely and then the dogs and then it is party time in Malta!

4 Thoughts to “Covid Test Completed!”

  1. Jan Marcussen

    So proud of all 4 of you! You did it!

    1. It’s so close now!!! Looking forward to getting to see you tomorrow before we go!!

  2. Leslie Vaughn

    I can’t wait to see pics and updates from the Mediterranean. (Yes, I had to spell check 💗💗)

    1. I can’t wait either!!! So close now!

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