Are you Keeping up with my Articles in Oh My Malta?



We have been having a blast doing local interviews on the various foods and meeting with local farmers and now fisherman! This to me is where the fun is and so I’ve been investing a lot more time doing that and less time doing things that aren’t making me feel as happy when I do them. So, I’ve been blogging less and writing articles and doing interviews more. I also continue to write and work on books so keeping up with the blog can be daunting. I understand more now why bloggers remain bloggers and authors remain authors and why authors bring people on their team to help them keep up with the idea of blogging. Blogging is a full time gig all on its own. I commend all you bloggers out there! It’s not so easy keeping up so often. So…for today’s blog post it’s simply the links to my articles. Because that is where my heart is being led and if I have learned anything from Mediterranean living, it’s to follow where your heart leads.

Here is the main page with all the articles that are live so far:

So far on the website we have live interviews on Malta potatoes which are now being aired onboard Air Malta flight!

Then we did Flat Peaches, Strawberries, Gozo Sea Salt and next up to be shown is the incredible Lampuki. We have also already completed Gozo Honey and Gozo Cheese or ─ábejna as it’s referred to properly. We also just interviewed for prickly pears and figs last week. So, there are a lot of articles coming up and we are working hard to book the next ones too. I am so excited about this column in Oh My Malta and so grateful that they have invited me into their family and allow me this incredible opportunity.


So…enjoy the columns and live interviews. I hope they entertain you!


Sending love from sunny, beautiful Malta




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