And Just Like That, We Are Under Contract

June 11, 2020 And Just Like That We Are Under Contract

Holy Moly Broccomoli (that’s a term my children learned from last year’s teacher) we are under contract. We got an offer and it was a great offer only 5k under asking price so we accepted and countered on very few parts. As of this morning, we are under contract.

About two hours before we had the offer, I finally walked on the treadmill and then sat in my meditation room and had a conversation with God. I told him that I knew he had this, but I was having a difficult time letting him be the driver. I got the message that I had to trust this process. I needed to stay fluid, and be open and trust that all really is well and that it is going to continue as it has as the pathways had been opening with ease.

I began to do an interesting clearing movement around my whole body and giving myself permission to stop covering myself and allowing myself to be found, to be open and free to share both my energy and my work. That it was time to be comfortable with attention again and let myself shine bright. It felt glorious. I went out of that room, took a shower, laid down with my children and it was in that time that our realtor called to let us know that our 4pm showing from the day had put in the offer. And so it begins. We are now officially under contract.

The only complaint? We must be out in thirty days instead of our intended forty-five-day hope on closing. So, we need to pack it up, figure out where everything is going and then move in with my mother or sister for the two weeks before we board the plane. The other hurdle is that we renewed our passports back in April and it’s June now and still no sign. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, everything has halted. We need our passports and our original passports to come before we move out of this house in thirty days. This makes me incredibly nervous.

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