You Can Now PRE-ORDER My New Book – The Taste of Joy: Mediterranean Wisdom for a Life Worth Savoring

This is me, Emily Francis

Wife, Mother, Writer, Author of Books, Animal Lover and now world traveller. For a person who absolutely hates flying and change, this is a pretty big step.

And we had a crazy idea….
Let’s get rid of everything we own and move to Malta in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic

We Couldn’t Make it Easy

Not only is it us and our kids, but it’s all of our fur babies. Did I mention we are doing this in the middle of a pandemic, when airports and flights are shutting down and when government agencies, such as passport offices, are either closed or at greatly reduced capacity?

Life in Atlanta

Been here most my life. It’s hot, it’s traffic and it’s the deep South. Easy to say that what is in store is going to be completely different.

Life in Malta

It’s European, it’s Mediterranean and it’s a tiny little island. Thankful that they speak English even if they do drive on the “proper” side of the road. Life is definitely going to be different.

Here We Go!

I hope you enjoy my tales. My ups, my downs, my laughs, my cries. I hope to catch a little bit of everything for everyone. Have no idea where this is going to go, because it’s life. And it’s my life…in Malta.